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  1. A sim owner passed this along to his clients and customers as to why he was having network difficulty. Apparentyl LL has zero security and no digital signature certificates. http://dragononlineservices.com/helpdesk/serverstatus.php some highlights-- **UPDATE: We have filed a ticket with Linden Labs (SEC-1555) to address this issue with their servers. It would seem the lack of any kind of security from their end on the SIM servers (even a self-signed security certificate) is the cause for this issue. The individual SIM servers LL uses do not have any security or encryption mechanism on them to prevent any kind of hacking or enable any secure transactions what-so-ever when it comes to data transactions of any kind. This concerns us greatly when dealing with sensitive information concerning account information for the web-site and our members. When we updated our Security on our servers, they refuse to "talk" to LL servers because there isn't even minimal security on them. At this point we will be putting this issue in a "HOLD" until LL updates the security on their servers, and may end up removing the In-World system altogether to avoid any kind of security breaches for our members. *** UPDATE: Since LL seems to be unconcerned about this issue we are working to set up another server on our system with less-then-ideal security to enable the in-world panels to work again. We are hopeful that this server, which will reside on our internal network, and only be used to change the panels (unless there is further issue with getting information to the in-world system) will resolve the issues seeing in-world. Date - 09/25/2015 23:10Last Updated - 09/28/2015 15:00
  2. What is going on with orgy beach? I cant find any listing for it anymore. I cant TP to it. cant fnd any current news on it
  3. How do I report a griefer who wants money for a "griefer-free" second life? i have the emails and screen caps that show a " kalevenkman " saying "donate to me for a griever free second life" https://my.secondlife.com/kalevenkman
  4. there is another way, however its not an "email notifiction" if you use Chrome, therre's an extension called "Chrome life". That lists which of your friends is online. You do need to be logged into your "https://my.secondlife.com" link in order for it to work, but after that, you can leave it open, and minimize it. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chromelife/bggofoofijfepafnpkfabkahekhlhohg
  5. I've been regionally banned from the the WTC memorial. How do i find the owners name? Dont know why im banned. Its embarassing when i'm trying to be a tour guide for a group and the Guide can't get in
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