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  1. I have had to delete old paypal billing agreements in order to create a new one, but, I haven't been able to add my credit card info to my billing account today, so it may be a problem elsewhere. I see on the grid status page there was a similar problem on 12/7..but it appears to have been resolved.
  2. i can find tons of 3some and 4some (and up) sexy animated things...but where is the love for just group cuddles? It doesn't have to be just a group cuddle item...more intimate animations could be included and that's fine...but the main thing i need is the group cuddle feature. Any suggestons? Thanks !!! Hauc "Don't hate on imps" Sandalwood
  3. Thank you Peewee, but my problem seems to be slightly different from what was described in WEB-3126. In the cases discussed there the person to receive the gift was not found in the system. In my case, their name does come up in the list of possible recipients, and shortly after I place a gift order, I get a message stating there were problems and after 8 hours the order is automatically cancelled since it wasn't delivered. Hauc
  4. For some reason I get delivery delayed errors resulting in the ultimate cancellation of marketplace gifts when trying to send to one particular friend. She can purchase things for herself through Marketplace, and I have had no problems sending numerous gifts to numerous friends using the Marketplace gifting service. Her name is recognized by the system but the gifts always time out on delivery after 8 hours. The gifts have been sent from a variety of vendors so It's not a vendor problem. Any Ideas? TIA Hauc
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