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  1. I sent a message online to poke if you're online or not. There's not going to be many guides in regards to selling or transferring a sim but mainly it's pretty straight forward. Depending if you're looking to profit or just offload your sim, you'll decide if you'll either eat the transfer fee and put it together into a grand total, or if you'll make a buyer pay it which tends to ward off people sometimes unless they can be desperate.


    Ticket type - Land & Region / initiate Region Purchase (or Initiate Region Sale as appropriate)


    Both buyer and seller must submit support tickets, via the Support Portal, naming the region to be transferred and the transaction amount agreed upon in either U.S. dollars (USD) or Linden dollars (L$). Both sides also have to confirm other details about the region being transferred.

    http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Managing-Private-Regions/ta-p/700115#Section_.3" - Provided courtesy of "Griffin Ceawlin2014.
    - Refer to "Transferring Private Regions" for more information on the link above.

    Note: This method was the one I personally used a long time ago in order to do a proper transfer. I'm not entirely sure if this is/or will be still accurate. Just mentioning this to be 100% transparent as I haven't owned a sim in some time but I am still currently looking for a sim (Preferably a GF'ed sim)

    Oh and I'm interested if you're selling. :3 (might as well ask/say)


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  2. Just IM (Leave me a Notecard if I'm not online) me for more Details, or leave me a message here and I'll respond.

    Full Sim - 18217 per week (Current Exchange rate)

    Basically you only pay for the sim up to the monthly amount, no more, no less.  Anything more then that, will be refunded(Sent back), as I don't charge for anything past what the sim is due. You don't have to deal with transfers, and you won't be paying anyone anymore then what the sim rent is worth.

    *Also full estate manager rights.

    Rent is due on the 6th of each month, but payment can / should be done on the 1st to avoid confusion.

    Full sim, Half sim, Quarter Sim, Just let me know if your interested.

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