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  1. Hi Fionalein and MoondustMaia, I was confused because I thought I was supposed to go into the SL15B corridor and then teleport using the SL15B portal, but it wouldn't activate because that was the wrong way. Thanks to your hints I've found it now! Thank you.
  2. It's still week 11 for a few hours and there is still a cover over the portal in portal park here: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Portal Park 1/158/76/54 The portal is visible under the cover but there's no way to interact with it that I can see. I've submitted a ticket, sent an IM to Abnor Mole (who is the owner of the Portal Cover Object), reported the blog post and reported the object I haven't heard anything back from any of these attempts to communicate with LL. Has anyone else collected the gift? How did you do it?
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