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  1. That, unfortunately, is the side-effect of playing BL; the game-makers are in it partly to make money (at least enough to offset the costs of running the game).
  2. I'm not a BL player, but... if there isn't a simple path back to human from revenant, can't you go from revenant to vampire, then use a potion to return to human?
  3. There's a much, much simpler approach. No notecard required. Just be too hot to bite. V, Fire Demon
  4. Actually, the movie is prologue to the series. But not the movie as distributed, which was altered from what Joss wrote - I think Buffy was supposed to have more depth and the love interest wasn't going to survive, or something. Buffy fans have long speculated on how the movie was supposed to look, and what happens between the movie and Sunnydale... Fortunately, the plan to make a new TV series, based only off the movie, with no Whedon input, died.
  5. Depends just what you mean by 'medieval' - and on your time zone. There are a number of fantasy & elven sims, with variable degrees of activity, and a few Game of Thrones sims. If you're after pure knights & castles, though, I'm not aware of any currently active. (There are a couple of samurai sims active in the Japanese community, or there were last time I checked.) Could try the WoRPG centre at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hubunny/73/118/27 - most fantasy sims (English & German, anyway) advertise there - or ask in the medi-fantasy meta groups. But a lot of us (including my own Pern-based sims) are down to just a few hours of RP a week. If you want more, you may have to join (or even make) a sim, and then figure out how to attract more players...
  6. We don't. Pretty much any 'roleplay' sim that claims to break even or better, other than from the generosity of its players, is a themed rental sim (or, occasionally, a paid-sex sim). Some of us run malls, or rentals; some (mostly adult) RPs charge joining or member fees; all of us beg from our players (and any & all visitors). But, at the end of the day, the people (not groups; sims aren't owned by groups) listed as 'sim owners' are paying the tier out of their own pocket. They may have SL businesses that subsidise the sim tier(s) - I know a few who do, running rental sims or successful shops - but we're personally liable for those tiers, whatever happens to our SL or RL. How do I know, since I'm just one owner? Well, wearing my other set of horns as New Citizens, Inc's instructor in Roleplay (plug: class at noon, every Sunday, NCI Beach campus), I visit a lot of RP sims, and get to talk to a number of owners, admins & players - and more pass through my class. Lifestyle or storyline, event or immersive, para or bullet, sci-fi or fantasy or modern, combat or carp or conventional, English or Japanese or German or Russian... the variety of roleplays SL supports never ceases to amaze me. But every owner has the same concerns: how to bring in new players (to replace those we inevitably lose), how to handle disruptive players, how to keep the drama in the roleplay both fresh and out of the communities we manage (although 'manage' might be a misnomer!), and, above all, how to pay next month's tier... So, whenever you visit a roleplay sim, and you like the build or the people or just the concept, please give generously! Vee, demon; owner, Gianfar Peaks of Pern roleplay (find us on Kuma sim!)
  7. I don't get that nervous in RP in SL. I do know where you're coming from, though - I get that nervous in RL. Which is probably why I RP. (It's definitely why I SL.) Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it out slowly. And repeat. Be calm. It's only pixels. This isn't you, it's your character. Have a hot drink handy (tea or coffee - decaf if you can). Nothing anyone says here can hurt you - nobody even knows who you are. Just relax... let your character do the talking. Take it slow, and don't be afraid to go OOC/group chat and ask for advice, or explanations. All of my worst enemies in RP are my good friends; think about it, it's the only way RP can work. There are no winners in RP. Have a friend (RL or SL) to hold on to & talk to, during & after. You have plenty of time. Don't worry about spelling mistakes and typos (we're all fluent in typonese). And give yourself a reward - I'm partial to chocolate, myself - as soon as you've achieved your goal. You're going to enjoy this. :matte-motes-big-grin: So, how did it go?
  8. Legal disclaimer: Gianfar Peaks is not affiliated in any way with The Dragonriders of Pern Ltd or the McCaffrey family; and we do follow Anne McCaffrey's very clear guidelines for off-canon roleplay in her world, which may be found on her websites. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and observed (including the Gianfar name, which belongs to our founder, Soo Novi). Copyright material from the Pern books and stories may not be used or displayed in the Gianfar sims or on the website; characters from the stories may not be played in the roleplay. If you would like to see our roleplay (and even join in - see our visitor rules on our website), please drop by our Kuma sim any Sunday after 2pm. Threadfall will begin a little after 3pm over Shaula (our Weyr sim), and, after 3:20pm, proceed to Kuma (our main Hold & Halls sim); flamethrowers are available, for the braver or more foolhardy. The Lord Holder wishes to make it clear that volunteers, while always welcome, assist the fireteams at their own risk; contrary to rumour, survivors do not qualify for free drinks at the Hold's expense. V, owner, Gianfar Peaks RP | Lady V, Lord Holder Gianfar | NCI Instructor, RP | scripter | demon
  9. There is a class. Actually, there are several, but this is the only basic RP class I know that isn't tied to any one sim - and I've looked; full disclosure, I teach it. Noon, Sundays, at New Citizens, Inc 's NCI Beach, Ground Classroom, scheduled for an hour (but allow more, it overruns <cough> occasionally). Experienced players welcome, too, whether to brush up on terminology, or help, or just to watch. Possibly the only RP class taught by a demon...
  10. Ask in the Firefly Roleplayers group. :matte-motes-big-grin: Someone said the 'main sim' closed - there is no 'main sim', but I think I saw that the one mainland-based sim did close recently. The Firefly sims tend to be more cooperative than is usual for RP sims in SL, and there's at least one intersim Companion's Guild.
  11. I have been in almost 7 years and have trained several new avatars. They always ask 3 questions when they get in. 1. What is the goal of the game? You've been here 7 years and you think SL is a game? It's an environment. Games are played here - but there's no way to 'win' or 'lose' at SL. 2. How do I make money? The only newbies I've met who've asked that are under the misapprehension that they can make easy money in SL, and get rich in RL (wherever that is) with very little effort. There aren't many who are that foolish. 3. How do I find other places and friends? I hope you answer that with, "Start by joining/visiting some of the excellent inworld help channels, like New Citizens Inc" (shameless plug for NCI!)
  12. Not that you'll get to read all these comments, unless you get really bored, but... Welcome! (A Linden who tries to learn SL like a noob. Hmm. Think it could catch on?) For your next trick, why not try a nonhuman avatar? But, umm, not just a retextured human with a tail (covers up her pic quickly) - try a real nonhuman, like a dragon, or a giant spider, or a steam-powered dog... ...then come & see what else we do in SL... (I meant, come visit one of the inworld help groups. Why, what did you think I meant...)
  13. Randi hit the nail on the head-'His' paranoia is palpable due to the fact he (abusive and unverifiable statement redacted) If you'd bothered to read the post I was replying to, you might have noticed that Randi was arguing the exact opposite - that she has nothing to hide, and thinks those of us that prefer not to link our RL & SL must be criminals or immoral. Without debating her concept of morality, I was trying to point out that there can be other reasons. SL is just a forum to meet and greet and don't confuse it with the real world. But also don't use it as your personal dating pool to use women for your personal gain and then scream on here I MUST HIDE or THE TWO CANNOT MEET! Oddly, Randi didn't argue that, nor did I. I'm wondering what post you think you read... And, SL may only be 'just a forum to meet and greet' to you. (You'll find that much easier on Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare, or even on older services such as Usenet or IRC.) But to many of us, it's a virtual world in which we can create and learn and play. Your last line (omitted) is only abuse, of course. But I can't help wondering who it's aimed at. Perhaps you have a problem with your eyesight.
  14. Jan 14, 2011 10:08 AM Randi.Wildmist says: ... The way I see it, the only ones who feel the need to hide in SL are either RL cheaters, criminals, crazy people or sex offenders. ... Well, I'm glad that you're either independently wealthy, or have a job where your current employer, potential employers and/or clients won't regularly perform background checks on you and then apply snap moral judgments that can affect your livelihood. Just having a virtual life, however 'innocent', is bad enough, to some people.
  15. Very pleased to see the improvements! Not at all sure what the point of the FB, Twitter, etc., linkage is - many (most?) Residents of above teen years wouldn't want their virtual world activities linked anywhere our colleagues and (potential or current) employers could possibly find them. (Just admitting you have a virtual life can negatively affect your chances at interview.) Well, so long as it's opt-in, not opt-out... and the teens will like it. (Until they have to look for work!) However, the 42 groups, the crossings/teleports, looking ahead to new group chat (so badly needed!) - excellent! Keep up the good work!
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