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  1. Dey broked it! Hehe... Anyway... same issue. Looks to be very widespread, so we just wait for their "unscheduled maintenance" to be done and we can all go back to what we were doing. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2013/10/11/post2080/
  2. Well apparently something happened to my store. Yesterday I had 8 borked listings that belonged to other merchants. Today... 2 of them are gone. 6 more to go I guess. Im still not going to reopen on MP until I am at least a little sure that the issue is fixed. All of the items I took down were old, and needed a redo anyway. But they were still getting sales. Oh well... apparently there is nothing else to do but wait.
  3. LOL... nice job Lindens. They closed the ticket I put in and marked it as a duplicate. No comment.. nothing. Dakota Linden closed WEB-4635. ------------------------------ Resolution: Duplicate Guess I will just wait for them to decide when they are going to fix it huh?
  4. Thanks Czari I just submitted a ticket for the items in question. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4635
  5. Since I was planning to update my MP inventory eventually anyway... I deleted all the items from my magic box and removed them from marketplace. Problem is... there are still 8 items, with descriptions and names of products by other vendors, with my pics on them, that are showing in my store... which I cant delete. When you click on the listing, it takes you to the MP homepage... which tells me the listing isnt showing up on their end either... so I guess this is as far as I can go with them. I am going to contact each of the merchants with items still on my page to see if they can do anything with them, but from what I have been reading here and on the jira, I doubt it. I hesistate to reload anything until some sort of fix is implemented... Sorry... I just noticed I replied to the post above me, and not the whole thread.... oopsie
  6. I never had a problem like this with MP before. So I didnt know anything like this had ever happened. By what you are saying though... I doesnt come as a shock at all. By saying "breaking something that worked just fine"... I simply meant that until they started screwing with DD... apart from the occasional missed delivery... MP did a pretty good job. Now, it barely works if at all. I have been here since 2006... as a merchant most of that time. I have had my share of disappointments from LL, as I am sure all of us have. This one seems to be by far one of their worst screwups. Even if they dont know how to fix it yet... simply telling us the truth would be better than saying nothing. It gives the appearance they are DOING nothing.
  7. Yup... my listings are all screwed up too. I added a comment to: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4587 Thanks again LL for breaking something that worked just fine.... again.
  8. Ok... so I noticed I hadnt had ANY marketplace sales the last couple of days... and I go and check on my MP store listings since I know LL has been having probs with the direct delivery. Now I see why I am getting almost no sales... almost all of my products have pictures of OTHER vendors items, and MY product pictures are on OTHER vendors items. I have only migrated ONE item to DD as a test. Oddly... its one of the few items that isnt messed up. I anyone seeing this in their marketplace stores? Its affecting about 75% of my items... definately NOT going to upload the rest of my store until this gets fixed. Thanks again LL for breaking something that worked perfectly... again.
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