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  1. There are places you can roleplay and you do not need bloodlines to do it.
  2. Totally agree. Especially during the early 2000's. It was a bit of a annoyance for some residents due to the random and excessive pop-up notification it gave. I use to get pop-ups from some other resident " biting" me to the point it lagged me off the grid. And I also agree, you do not need bloodlines to roleplay.
  3. nice names. But I'm happy with keeping kurosawa.
  4. COCO DESIGNS[ free to join] is another place that has really awesome clothing group gifts. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/COCO DESIGNS/130/209/22
  5. You mean " Alone". Yea it's better. But I have platonic partnership.. and that's just as good.
  6. Here's some scenarios of that I got from this. 1. She's ignoring you to avoid conflict. 2. She didn't notice you there and is probably on voice with said person she's in the bed with. And she logged off because she noticed you there I.E. she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Best thing to do is walk away. Don't give it energy.. find someone else.
  7. Same here. I only voiced with few friends and people I've known over my 14 years on second life. Other then that I don't voice with random strangers online.
  8. Let me just say this. Second life ( As far as I know) is a private company not owned by the government. That means just like twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. They have a right to remove any speech that incites violence and or racial discrimination.. However, they aren't patrol guards on surveillance watching what every resident or group does 24/7. It is up to the residents to mute,ban,eject, report any speech that incites violence.
  9. Hmm you said what.. but I'm gonna say " who" am I attracted too.
  10. Unfortunately sex sells... even in SL. Banning sex will screw up the SL economy. and SL isn't about to cater to a small group of prudent folks who have an issue with it. That's why they invented " rated sims ". PG,Moderate, Adult
  11. I'm not really big on revealing my personal life because I feel it's not anyone's business unless I feel like tell them. And most of the people whom I've reveal it too have been toxic people who I THOUGHT I could trust. I had one girl use my personal life as some kind of " Clapback" because I called her out for insulting a trans-man's photos. on flickr.
  12. I had the same problem in another sim I won't mention. There were some furry players complaining about how " neko girls" aren't apart of the race in that rp sim and how they should be removed from the lore completely. Given the fact that they have been apart of the lore from the very beginning along side full fur felines. As soon as I snapped out about it.. I'm being called " drama queen, fire starting, Furrphobic, etc." I don't hate furries, as a matter of fact I am one myself ( not in rl. Job don't allow that). However, I'm not gonna impose on other people who want to roleplay what they wa
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