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  1. Minx Kurosawa

    Login Issues and object fails

    Is anyone else having rezz object fails or login issues? I know there was a recent rolling restart but that was complete already. I've even tried login in on a different sim and still having those issues.
  2. Minx Kurosawa

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    -facepalm- it's a lot more than that. Sim to sim is just a mild example.
  3. Minx Kurosawa

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    You don't know how anyone can do that online? really? They would do it the same way any stalker would do online. Don't think because it's second life they don't do that on here. Stalkers are everywhere online.
  4. Minx Kurosawa

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    pet peeves. 1. People who use second life as if it's some kind of dating /instant hook up site.[ Tinder, back page, etc] 2. Nosey people who are SO H.E. double hockey sticks BENT on knowing your real life. When they probably don't even got their own stuff together. Because if they did they wouldn't care about yours. 3. Sim stalkers[ Follow you some sim to sim] 4. Residents with a boatload of alts[ alternative accounts] who use them for nefarious motives 5. Dysfunctional SL families. 5. Retro avatars [ flexi prim, bling, box shoes, textured outfits. Minus the mesh] 6. Tyrant sim owners/admins [ And their "Yes man" moderators] 7. Content creators who give out crappy VIP group gifts.
  5. Minx Kurosawa

    Reporting Abuse in Group chat?

    Well I have all the info.. the point is.. will it be as efficient as reporting a local chat abuse? Meh... I'll report it and see what happens.
  6. Minx Kurosawa

    Reporting Abuse in Group chat?

    I don't know.. is hate speech a breach of TOS?
  7. Minx Kurosawa

    Reporting Abuse in Group chat?

    I was wondering if reporting abuse in the group is as efficient as reporting abuse in local chat? I am in this V.I.P chat group [ pay to join ] and today we had someone in the group chat spout off a derogatory remark. Now the creator of the group is rarely online at times. So by the time she would get any report of someone doing that in her chat that resident would be long gone from her group chat. The reason why I want to report this person is you never know when they might go into another group chat and do the same thing again.
  8. Minx Kurosawa

    Looking to start a Royal Family (Monarchy)

    oh that interesting. I would be interested in that.
  9. Minx Kurosawa

    Reasons not to start a "Happy Thanksgiving" thread

    I hate holidays...When you're a kid the schools and your parent " sugarcoat" the meaning behind the holidays. Then when you become an adult you find out the truth and you're just sick to the stomach. For weeks I've been trying to make up every darn excuse into not going. But when my mother guilt trips me into going EVEN as an adult. 😞 I hope this day ends very soon. This is my rant for today.
  10. Are you looking for an RL relationship on here? If so, Than you have a valid reason to not want to be with someone who isn't a male RL behind their avatar. And if you aren't. Why would you even care? Personally with me. I don't really care who's behind the avatar. I'm not on here looking for anything real life concrete. I just don't see places like this as a place to find a real-life relationship.
  11. Minx Kurosawa

    Daling with rl and sl partners...

    Talk to your RL boyfriend first. Have a good talk with him. If he is ok with it and doesn't really care. Then go have fun in the virtual world. BUT KEEP in mind do not neglect your RL for the virtual one. That's how relationships end fast. And if he's not ok with you having a virtual one. Then it best that you end it with the virtual one. NEVER keep secrets from your loved ones. They have a right to know There are a lot of people in your situation. Yes, he may be upset or he may not care. But be honest with him. Every relationship is different and how people handle things are different.
  12. Minx Kurosawa

    What are you listening right know.

    Adult Swim Bumps, anyone?