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  1. Scamming

    Be sure to READ the popup notices in the stores where you go. Those popup notices will help you and keep your linden safe. Those popup notices tell you to be warned of the scammer bots that send you objects. Do not accept them.
  2. Engaging in intercourse with a pixel animal in second life isn't against the law in the U.S nor is it against TOS. IT IS against the law to FILM " real-life" animals engaging in intercourse with "real-life" people in the U.S. As well as getting caught doing it or anyone knowing you do that, you can go to jail for animal cruelty. And posting it on social media as well as porn sites. THEY CAN post 3d or anime animal Stuff on porn websites, however, it is up the site owner to remove them. As long as it's not real animals.. no law has been broken. And there is no TOS against animal intercourse in second life. I'm not trying to protect anyone who engages in such stuff. I'm all for the law. It is up to sim owners and residence to MUTE and BAN if they don't wanna see that. And stay out of sims that got that kinda stuff. Linden Labs HQ is BASED in the U.S.
  3. Today i lost my friend

    That so-called friend of yours is an idiot. I cannot stand there are people crying over mesh being in sl. If they don't like it.. fine don't like it. But don't ruin everyone else's happiness because they wanna be a sourpuss. They can go Kick rocks for real.
  4. People lie in real life all the time, the internet is no exception to the rule. The only difference is your face to face with your liar RL. And if you're only on here to get your keyboard sticky... best advice..for them is to go watch porn. Or get a lady friend in RL.
  5. Most likely those are boys ( not men) who are looking for the " tinder, okcupid,facebook" treatment. They want nudes, voice sex , etc. Best avoid those type of guys. You have a right to not want to voice if you don't feel comfortable or if you want to protect your personal life. In my opinion, if a boy says that. It makes me think they are trying to use that as a way to manipulate you into getting on voice. You don't have to prove yourself to no one on here. especially a manchild. I had a guy ask me if I was a dude on voice because of my voice. I told him this. "I sound like a grown woman with grown woman problems, not a little girl"
  6. Looking to get into GOR

    You know good and well no one in GoR GE or BTB nowadays picks up any of John Norman's books and reads them. All the older Goreans have. Stop foolery already. Nothing but hipsters there. NOT hippies. Hipsters...man-buns and beards from the 18 and 1900's and skyrim game props ripped from the game. Let's be real here. And 18 years olds who think they are jarls, yet still wet behind the ears.
  7. Unless they're harming REAL animals. There isn't must anyone can do. AR'ing them will be a waste of time. And linden labs will overlook it. Because they are not doing anything against the law.
  8. Looking to get into GOR

    Don't bother with GoR R.I.P GoR 2007. Hipsters killed GoR. Nothing put youngsters, pervs, and hipsters now. The men aren't even men there.. nothing but a man-child dressed in Skyrim clothing.
  9. It's a pixel animal... unless they are on webcam violating an actual animal. There is no rule against that kind of stuff in SL. Because it's not a REAL animal being harmed. The best option is to mute them and carry on. Most people who do that kinda stuff. Stay in sims where that stuff goes on. So if you happen to see that going on in front of you. Then you are in the wrong sim, best teleport out. And if it's going on in a sim that doesn't allow that kind of stuff. Then Report it to sim owner Via snapshot and include resident's names in the notecard.
  10. Racism in Second Life?

    My advice to the lady to that made this thread. And any newbie to SL. Don't go to info hubs, that's where the racist trolls hang out at. You won't find any friendly people there. The groups and sims I've actually had a chance at making fast friends are the furry sims and roleplaying sims and community. Even if you don't roleplay.. it's a better way at making friends on there. And they seem to have more strict rules depending on what group you join. No political talk, no racism and most of all no trolling. However, there can be a lot of drama.. but that's pretty much anywhere. Some nightclubs are ok to go to and make friends as well. And there are some second life family communities that are friendly too.
  11. Catwa vs. Lelutka?

    I'm actually happy LAQ is back and making bento mesh heads. I still have her old skins from early days. I like catwa also I like leltuka. But I feel there aren't enough appliers for other heads out there. I see more catwa appliers than LeLutka I also read Snow rabbit's blog. I think she is also working on making a bento head as well in the near future.
  12. Can't log in

  13. I can't login on the viewer and site

    Paranoid and panicking aren't the same thing. Panic: sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior. "she hit him in panic" synonyms: alarm, anxiety, nervousness, fear, fright, trepidation, dread, terror, agitation, hysteria, consternation, perturbation, dismay, apprehension; More Paranoid: adjective 1. of, characterized by, or suffering from the mental condition of paranoia. "paranoid schizophrenia"
  14. I can't login on the viewer and site

    I checked the grid status. Didn't see anything posted on there. And he wasn't panicking.. he was worried. Nothing wrong with that. I think people have a right to worry about their accounts.
  15. I can't login on the viewer and site

    ok... i was worried. I can't log into the website or the viewer.