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  1. I had the same problem in another sim I won't mention. There were some furry players complaining about how " neko girls" aren't apart of the race in that rp sim and how they should be removed from the lore completely. Given the fact that they have been apart of the lore from the very beginning along side full fur felines. As soon as I snapped out about it.. I'm being called " drama queen, fire starting, Furrphobic, etc." I don't hate furries, as a matter of fact I am one myself ( not in rl. Job don't allow that). However, I'm not gonna impose on other people who want to roleplay what they wanna roleplay according to the sim lore. It either they way or the highway. So I just up and left.. I wasn't gonna waste time on a sim that had crybabies in it.
  2. There was an documentary of two people who met from second life to real life. I think the chick was already in a relationship and on the verge of divorce. I don't think the guy knew she had a dude. So she came clean and he still accepted her. But they ended up not working out. She accused him of cheating with other girls on sl and he accused her of being heartless or something like that. It's been a while since I've seen the documentary. It was interesting... because i've heard similar stories from friends in second life who did the whole RL thing. It a lot of drama to behold. I've only seen the negative side through friends, of what happens when you meet someone offline and they turn out to not be the person you thought they were. Not saying love cannot exist in second life.. .but the bad surely has been outweighing the good as of late.
  3. Well, the people you've met were probably in a good mindset.. which is a rarity in SL.
  4. Well, I've been on sl for twelve years... so that means ALOT. And in RL.. probably just about the same.
  5. Our profiles should have playlist! So they can what awesome music we love!
  6. Yes indeed. Made me leave a few role playing sims because of that crap. I know a lot of role players who are tired of the Cliques and the fact is, its getting worse when the admins/mods do nothing about it. It like they are killing their own sim when they don't address the issue. And I know they see it happening. The problem is most ( Not all. Don't come for me) role-play sim owners are just making these sims for Cash cow purposes instead of for a decent role play community. Instead of caring for the donations they put in your sim.. care about role-players themselves, especially the new comers. And get rid of Clique for god sake..it's just a breeding ground for toxic role players. Clique creates gossip, Gossip creates rumors, Rumors create drama, Drama creates Toxic-role players Toxic-role players drives other role-players away. Do they get it now?
  7. I don't know if can post the URLs on here. But you can find them in the search engine. They are the most active sims... there maybe more. But these ones I've been to. Remnants of Earth (Cyberpunk) The majority in the sim are furies. However, there are some human avatars but they are very rare. The role play is ok.. depending on " who " you role play with. Nocturne: New Orleans by Night. ( Based off of vampire the masquerade) If you've never heard of Vampire the Masquerade. Best you do some research, it will help you understand the story line and the role play itself. Clifton Forge ( Modern Supernatural). The role play is good and the people are nice. It's still a very new role play sim..Mostly paragraph role-play. But they welcome just about anyone who is looking for RP. Werewolves , humans , witches , vampires. Crack Den Roleplay Sim ( modern) I haven't role played there in a long, long time. Some people say the role play is dead there and some say it's pretty active.
  8. No, I'm not interested in seeking a Secondlife to Real-life relationship. If I wanted a real life relationship. I would log out and look for one in REAL-LIFE at a pub or some speed dating event. Now don't get me wrong, I've tried the whole SL to RL crap.. and it was actually as it is. CRAP! You run into catfisher, internet playboys and men old enough to be your dad and the mentally unstable. < Most likely you've met them in RL and avoided them like the plague.> I think the single life is looking pretty good right about now.
  9. Remnants of Earth allows Neko/feline like characters. Try that place.
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