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  1. Well I got this today : We have solved your issue Solution: Hello AVATAR NAME, We are pleased to inform you that your account has been reactivated! At your request, Linden Lab just completed its review of disciplinary actions taken against your account. Our investigation shows that the suspension of your account was applied in error; we sincerely apologize for the mistake. You should now be able to log in to Second Life with your username and password. If you have any problems logging in with your password, you can reset it through the Second Life website. 1. Click the Login button on the homepage. 2. Click the Forgot your name or password? link. 3. Enter your Second Life first name and last name. Then enter the words you'll see on the screen to verify that you're a real person and hit the Send Instructions button. If any further information is required, Linden Lab will contact you regarding this incident. Otherwise, please consider the matter resolved as no further communications will be sent. If you still have problems accessing your account, please respond to this support ticket. Enjoy your Second Life! Best wishes, and again, our apologies, Customer Support Linden Lab BUTtTTTTTTT......... what about my Alt? Its still blocked... I had to reopen the ticket and tell them it isnt fixed .... still waiting to see what happens ggrrrrrrr.... " an error " ...
  2. ughzzzz...Let me cross my fingers and wish on a star that my account is fixed soon and not delayed even more because of that
  3. I got a reply early this morning from LL : Hello " Removed Av Name " , Thank you for your response to this ticket. Your original ticket has been placed in the correct department, unfortunately there has been a slight backlog of tickets that is causing the responses to take longer than usual. I advise you to wait until tuesday, if you have still not received a response to your original ticket then please contact us again. Kind Regards Craig Linden Lab Support Right now I so LOVE Craig! This is what good service is. Atleast now I have an idea of why they havent fixed my issue yet instead of me just sitting here wondering and waiting. GOOD JOB CRAIG !! I'll still post when my account is fixed and tell why it was on hold if they give me the reason.. hopefully it will help someone out if it happens to them.
  4. you and I are so gonna have a party when we get our accounts FIXED ggrrrrrr. Yeah thats all i can do because they basically wont answer me no matter what i say and do.
  5. I dont think unclebob meant anything like that, he was being reassuring to me that my account was being looked at. I just read another post though with kind of the same situation where a woman had hers on hold for ten days... 10 DAYS!! Now im in panic mode lol. Im not gona lie, im addicted to SL.. i enjoy the friendships and everything involved just like everyone else. But why so long? Especially after ive submitted the information they asked for. There needs to be better service with tech support because just submitting your info and waiting and waiting doesnt help. Even if i had to wait in line on the phone for 30 min I would just to get that one on one support to get " help " and an answer.. or even if they would respond like I mentioned above to my comments and questions then id feel better.
  6. Maybe Linden Labs should listen to their citizens suggestions sometimes .. you know it would be nice if they gave us some sort of warning before doing things like this. I have no way to get in touch with my contacts to even send them a message to tell them whats going on. I was suprised i could even create this account to ask a question on the blogs lol . I am trying to be so patient, and im a very patient person.. but when they make you feel as if your not even there ( by not replying the comments ) then it makes it that much harder to wait. I have no control over this.. all I can do to make myself feel better I guess is vent!!!! LOL ughhhh
  7. 5 days ago I tried to long inworld to my sl account where I got this message stating I cant login from this computer. So I submit a ticket.. I get a response withim 15 min stating my ticket was going to the proper dept for it to be processed. Well 2 days later I try to login on the sl website and now it says to contact supprt on the website , and if m having problems changing my password to call them. I call to explain the issue and im told my account is on hold but there isnt a reason showing for them. Yesterday I resubmit a ticket and in a few minutes I get a response saying " Hi Jody.. please submit an goverment issued form of ID and please give us a list of your alts " .... so FIRST... my name isnt Jody.. why they said that I have no clue lol.... but I went with it anyways and I scanned my Drivers License and attached it to the ticket reply along with the names of my alts, I also faxed them the same information. I havent heard anything back. Maybe this problem seems small, but Its been 5 days. I havent done anything wrong to get my account placed on hold unless theyre doing some random investigation on people accounts. Im irritated mostly because tech service doesnt reply to any comments you add to your tickets.. so you feel as if your forgotten. Maybe if they would reply to my comments and tell me to please be patient theyre trying to solve the issue , or tell me if I did do something wrong that im not aware of , id be more patient. But like so many of us, I do have land .... If i dont pay my tier on its due date then I lose it and theres a possibility of someone purchasing that land before I get back. Are we as SL citizens that " meaningless " that we dont deserve beter tech support when issues like this arise? I understand that tech deals with so many issues daily... but seriously does it take this long to resolve an account issue? Has anyone had a smiliar situation?
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