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  1. Tiffy Vella wrote: ooh ooh ooh..(hops about a bit)....just had a minor brainwave 2 seconds after posting..maybe what we need is a panel in the item's Marketplace listing showing what a customer would see if they could be inworld and inspecting the boxes contents? ie..every individual item listed with its perms? I like that idea, Tiffy. The other benefit from a system like that is when you inevitably lose the object in your inventory, you can look it up on Marketplace and see the object names to do your search.
  2. Prokofy Neva wrote: Here's how I can tell, usually 100 percent of the time: 5. Computer programmer. While there are a tiny percentage of females in this very male enclave and always a few will show up huffily in a thread like this to claim it isn't a male enclave, in fact we all know it is. So if your date has *edited for mature content*, races all over a territory, and has like "AWGroupies" in her groups and loves going to the bug triage office hours, unless you like soul-mating, this is not the date for you. Prokofy! I am that tiny percent and now I feel obligated to to point out that it isn't -entirely- a male enclave. Ok. It mostly is. I am usually the only woman on the teams I work on, but damnit..that doesn't make me a man here! Was that huffily enough?
  3. I used to roleplay a large portion of the time I was in SL. However, my taking a pretty public stand on a recent SL-wide controversy when the sim I was playing in was discovered to be part of it at the time led to some consequences that soured my experience. After working for several months on a project, it was given to someone new (who had not worked on it at all) based on my action of politely refusing to participate in the sim and removing references to it from my profile during the half week that they spent debating the issue. It saddened me to do so, but I felt that as long as I was an advocate for internet privacy in my real life, I couldn't turn my back on it in my "fun" life. When I returned two days after leaving (since the product was removed at that time), I was told that I "deserved to lose" my work and given a chance to remain on as a "partner" to the new project owner - so long as I agreed to give up all my plans and previous work and do things her way instead. Needless to say, I haven't been back to that sim since and that person has happily taken control of and credit for my idea and work - though they changed most of my basic premise. They are welcome to it if that is the kind of place it was. In a way, I am happy it happened. I'm currently planning on turning one of my residential sims into a new roleplay one. I have some great partners and a unique concept, but am stuck for now in the "looking for a decent builder" part. So, the answer for me is - right now, not much. Hopefully more in the near future.
  4. I own 3 residential sims (that I use an alt to manage) and any device that intrudes on the privacy of our renters is banned, including redzone and others. Its hard to enforce without being there 24/7, but doing our best. So far, the residents have all been happy not to have to worry about it. What I have found is that I've lost renters since the whole debacle began - with the residents just vanishing from the grid entirely. My guess is they may have been alts that got outted and given up on, due to the timing. In fact, I'm starting to ponder what else to do with the land because of it. I wonder if other land owners have experienced this?
  5. I'll bite. This is from last Halloween - thus the costume. I absolutely adore the fake peacock eyelashes that my avatar is wearing.
  6. Oz, as a professional developer in real life - what you say about your focus concerns me. Succesful software development -always- comes from paying attention to the requirements of the users (who in this case have very limited means of communicating them to you - and now you are making it even more difficult for them to do so). Users are not a group of stubborn children to be placated with murmurs of "We're listening to you." They are your strongest resource for growing a better and lasting product. While I applaud the customer-service based effort for communication I see in the original post, what I see by what's not being said and what's being lost is an effort to cut customers off from having their opinions and wishes heard as the to technical aspect of the product. Yes, it is great that we will have more of a voice toward the community aspect of Second Life. But, please don't shoot yourselves in the collective foot by turning away your greatest technical resource. If you don't want to spend time and effort on making the JIRA better and instead must resort to limiting its functionality and the ability of the user base to shape the technical future of Second Life, why not announce a contest and let the HUGE volunteer community which includes expert developers, designers and database experts do the one thing that Second Life should be able to do better than any other social networking site because of their interface - collaborate? You don't even need a prize other than the bragging rights winning would bring. Why not start treating the user community with respect for their skills and knowledge as -well- as their community presence? You have a huge, free resource at your fingertips. Use it and gain loyalty and support from your base by that simple acknowledgement.
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