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  1. Again Linden Lab is located in CALIFORNIA, USA As per your own link; California - The age of consent is 18, with a misdemeanor if the minor has 3 or fewer years of difference with the major, and potentially a felony if the major is more than 3 years older. It is worth emphasizing that unlike most other states, the close-in-age rule in California (3 years) do not provide an exception nor provide any defense; it merely lowers the crime to a misdemeanor. Under this law, two minors of the same age could both be prosecuted. Penalties increase if the minor is under 16 and the major is above
  2. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. ....lmao @ LL yet again. DOH! ~ Homer Simpson.
  3. BTW; WELCOME TO THE ADULT GRID, KIDDIES. That policy took affect 12/31/2010. and it SUCKS.
  4. Is SL a game? What right does anyone have to tell anyone else what they believe something is or isn't. I would like to tell those ppl straight out that as long as I am paying the bill for my "experience" it isn't any of their business what I percieve SL to be. Is SL a game to some; YES Is SL a business to some; YES Is SL a marketing tool to some; YES Is SL an undefied entity to some; YES As far as I am concerned SL is ANYTHING that the USER wishes it to be. Until LL/EA decide to make a change; to that open ended experience; SL simply "is what it is; UNIQUE". *Trin
  5. Ryuu I liked the majority of your post. However I must say that EA is a soulless corporation that doesn't have a clue about "community". Or they wouldn't be so fond of tearing them apart when they do not reach a certain dollar figure. Look what they did to the sims online communities. Or ask Robin Linden...oh wait you can't she quit Linden Lab....along with several other key employees. Odd that don't ya think??? I don't think it's odd, it just proved more so to me the disfuntional future of SL. Pitty indeed. Other grids have a firm grasp on what makes up SL and I fully support them as
  6. I know right Galileo. On the flip side of that same "issue" of non paying residents. I personally sold off my islands, my land and downgraded to FREE. I rented a parcel from another land owner to put my Xstreet (or what ever the hell they are calling it this week) box on, and nothing more. I do not contribute to SL as I once did and tbh I am perfectly content and proud of that decision. Only for so long can I put up with the BS decisions of LL and pay them for the privilage. The final straw for me was the merging of the grids. That one final promiss broken from LL ended every bit of re
  7. Remembers The Sims Online....but more importantly the truely aweful way that game ended at the hands of EA. Like Second Life/Linden Lab; Maxis was very special on it's own once too. So Ron how long before we all get timers and end up wetting ourselves and looking embarrased? Oh wait that would be the future of your new employees. The grid will merge on 12/31/10 Game Over.
  8. Now that they are merging the grids perhaps it would of been better to hire better legal staff. I wonder how long this one will last? You gonna lower the tiers across the board so that you can compete with other groups who are currently underselling YOUR product? If not I am sticking with the competition. EA ...not a fan.
  9. To completely get ride of the flicker offset the prims by 0.010
  10. How many ppl are really going to spend 10-20min setting up their viewer? Not "I". So much crap on the viewer I can't see what I logged into SL to see or build. Give me a striped down version where I just have drop down menus and I shall be fine with your webwannabe viewer.
  11. LL will not pay for content they have too many idiots giving it away for free.
  12. The financial backbone is probably the estate owners but read this thread they feel no love for their efforts either. I found what LL offers for 75 bucks a month and 3 times the amount of prims and guess what they consistently make strides to improve their product because they know it is important to have a strong foundation. "Ya think" If I read one more Linden's snide, condesending or obviously rude post I probably will tell them where to go and if that results in a banning; so be it. But gone are the days of Lindens thinking they are untouchable Gods; SOME are RUDE EMPLOYEES who shou
  13. His version; “Don’t waste everyones time suggesting that we throw away Viewer 2, or that we revert the UI to Viewer 1. It is absolutely not going to happen, and any suggestion to that effect will be ignored.” My version; "Don't waste my time with bs bells and whistles when you still have stability issues. If you continue to ignore your paying customers they will leave; that is absolutly going to happen. Continue to ignore the masses and they will continue return the favor; OBVIOUSLY."
  14. I wasn't implying you would steal anything. Generally speaking a lot of ppl in SL do in fact upload content and sell it that s not rightfully theirs to do so. I am not saying that meshes arn't great; they are. I am however going to disagree with you on ease of creating; again generally speaking. On the flip side of that I too create in 3D now why in hell would i upload to SL and sell for pennies when I sell in the real world and make bank. These folks going to buy a single texture for 12 bucks? I don't think so. Hey feel free to do what you like tho.
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