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  1. Many thanks guys and gals. One good example is item 255070 on marketplace, the pose/animation is fairly high up. Also item 143737
  2. Thank you guys. Nobody will be sitting on it rezzed, it will be wearable ONLY. I am wondering if animations are per set to height when made. difference in height between say a camp stool and a bar stool for instance requires the av to be about twice as high off the ground.
  3. Trying to create two seats. One a bar stool, the other a higher lifeguard chair. I want to use a relaxed looking seating animation. I tried using a drinking script to load the animation which works fine in the bar stool, but I can not get it to sit higher in the taller chair. Rezzing both I can get them to work ok using positioning sets but this is really to use as wearable. The avatar position on wearable worn on pelvis I can only adjust the chair not the avatar height/position. I think I need a script that loads the animation and can set the Z position of the avatar. But no idea how to mak
  4. Still never came up with a solution, might have to put this one in the too hard basket I think.
  5. The vehicle stays behind when TP'ing:-( was sounding good until then.
  6. It is in a No Rezz area it will be used so rezzing a pose ball will not work either:-(
  7. Is there any way of adding a sit for another person to something I am wearing? I have a Recliner Chair which I wear as opposed to rezz due to a no rezz/no script area i use it in. Wondered if it was possible to add a sit on one side or the other for someone else. I can make if give drinks etc by using give contents script, the other person can have a wine but so far can't sit. Is it at all possible to make this work?
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