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  1. i did a save as and i still can't save my animation as a bhv file qavimator has only the option of both the avm and bhv file not each separately so can only save as avm. How do i get qavimator to show both file extenions separately so i can choose one of the other
  2. seems years ago we could upload wave files now it says it is a special version of a wave file l so how do i convert my regular wave file to one that will upload in sl
  3. I have an issue with logins. On my laptop, some of my alts i cannot log in as yet all my alts log in fine on my computer that runs on windows 7 my friend is having the same issue why is this. is there something i am missing some setting or something?
  4. I have person who is constanly degrading people violating TOS. I have a public group so person keeps rejoining just to agravate me and the others. I have over 800 members so it really gets annoying to the members when this person does this so tried so many time to eject but person keeps joining . i cant being a help desk, take off join as an option. so is there another way?
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