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  1. Actually, no! <quote> Total cost is US$ 0.31 which is less than the minimum buy of US$ 2.50 </quote> LOL.. anyway .. i bought 1000L .. about $4 (plus LL transaction fees, plus PayPal transaction fees, plus bank transaction fees .... and people wonder why i like to use third-party exchanges before.. geez) Now, let's see if i can get it back out ... after what? 8 days?
  2. That is so ridiculous... i have to *BUY* Lindens first, before i can take out the lindens i just bought ??? I don't want to buy lindens, i got plenty! .. i wanna take them out! Why did they ever block those TPE's ? .. oh wait: i know : COMPETITION (Linden Lab doesn't like competition).
  3. It's been asked many times, and still isn't very clear.. mainly due to LL's poor literary skills i guess: I'm trying to cash out some amount (for the first time), but my trading limit is $0. From other threads i figured that trading limits begin to count from the moment of your first transaction... but if my limit is ZERO, how the hell can i make my first transaction?? I have already linked a paypal account, several days ago. If anyone who understands LL's way thinking has an answer, please clarify. For me and everyone else who's got this problem ever since they changed their TOS.
  4. I had to seriously double-check the date on this post, to see if it was posted on april 1st. But i guess i would agree with the majority.. there's not difference between the 2 pictures, other then perhaps lighting or a slightly different angle of taking the picture. If this is your "SERIOUS PROBLEM" .. perhaps you do have a serious problem.. check your frontdoor: there's a REAL world behind it. This is just a computer simulation - i bet you look totally different than your avatar, at which i would say: great job - it does look fantastic. So please don't complain and, as pointed out correc
  5. Just came in to say: it's still the same story .. ever since they changed their "rules of engagement" back in april... Disguised in whatever way, it all comes down to the simple truth that THEY (=LL) want to control the money business. THEY want to make money out of it, and so THEY will not allow anyone else to process cashouts, because that would mean THEY will make less money... Kinda reminds me of the behaviour of another preditory animal: BANKERS (remember what happened to their sector the past decade)
  6. Just to clear something; be honest about what you post. Exchange rate on Virwox is usually better than on Lindex. Using the exchange rate of may 28th (252L$/US$) as in your example, you would pay: 1000L$ = 3.97 US$ + 3.9% fee = 4.12 US$ (you can get discount on your fee if you trade more often). 2500L$ = 9.92 US$ + 3.9% fee = 10.30 US$ incl. fee
  7. I'm for the idea of accepting BitCoins as a primary currency for my goods. If only i got the time to create some code for that, but i can't spare the time.
  8. Note to self: Create a way to accept BitCoins for product purchases. Any help or comments are appreciated. 0.01 BTC = roughly 300 L$. Linden Lab can't control those
  9. If it makes you any happier, i could pay you in euros or bitcoins .. lol - no wait ... you're my ticket to get at least some lindens out. Wow, i spent 20k already? what can i say.. service is good, few outtages, and we always get a "sorry" note when it does happen.
  10. Option: find someone who wants to buy your lindens. And in reply to Zag: total economic collapse. If there is no way to cash out for anyone (which is when LL decides to close the Lindex), no one will want to sell objects anymore, since there is no way to get your money.
  11. Well, not me - that's for sure. Unlike some others, i don't earn a 4-figure USD monthly income out of SecondLife. And the little amount that i do earn on a yearly basis isn't enough to go sue someone over. It's just a pain in the butt, this whole TOS change. And in the end. WHY? Within a few months, the people they are trying to hit (the ones that use SL for money laundering and other illegal practices) will find some kind of loophole and be right back to their old business. So the only one that got hurt was the people that have used the TPEs in the past and were happy with their service, ex
  12. Somehow, it seems you're missing the point... You are right: they'll make a loss if they continue as they have - that's what i was trying to explain. If anyone, in the virtual world or in the real world for that matters, buys a product (in this case L$) and resells that same product at a lower price to attract customers, they'll make a loss. Clearly. It doesn't really matter when you buy that product, if the price at the wholesaler (aka LL) stays the same over time. If you, as a simple resident, place a limit order on the Lindex, you'll have to make it 256 L$/USD in order for it to be f
  13. You can make all the calculations you want, but suffice it to say there are a couple of disadvantages to using the Lindex: you loose over 10% of your money in fees you have to wait much longer (as compared to a TPE) there's a lot of hassle/transactions to be made to actually get your money you're fixed to a certain price, whereas with a site like Virwox you can speculate and wait for a good price to arrive Ok, not 100% honest here with nr.4: you can do the same with the Lindex, but with a multi-million-dollar wall at 257 L$/USD any chance of getting a better rate are negligible. So the only
  14. Since when does one need permission from you to spill their opinion?
  15. R.I.P. Virwox and all the others If they have to buy their L$ on the Lindex, they're forced to resell them at a higher price (if they still want to make a profit). This will also kill the exchange market at all the 3rd party exchanges, as no money is allowed to flow out: Up until now, the exchange market itself was the "money basket" where all the lindens went in and came out - i assume fairly evenly, and linden dollars are effectively only traded from one resident to another (minus a small fee for the exchanger). So the dynamics of the market, aka. supply & demand, will set the prices.
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