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  1. Waiting nearly a week!  I requested a sim move trough RGF Estates nearly a week ago and despite them contacting LL on several occaisions, I am still waiting. There is no support subject listed for this problem so I cannot submit my own ticket

  2. Thanks Cindy :) That is the obvious answer, as well as banning all 40+ of them from my sim, but their accounts need to be deleted or their IP address banned.

    But if they are not actually on my sim at the time, the abuse report will not be followed up.


  3. I have had a person / persons asking me for money to buy an avatar, however I have discovered that this individual has over 40 alts. If each alt does this grid wide, they are conning people out of a lot of money. Abuse reports can only be filed and accepted on the sim or parcel where the abuse took place (I found that out to my cost a few years ago) How can I get this person banned from the grid?

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  4. Can somebody tell me if there is a minimum Second Life age to visit Adult sims, I keep getting 4 day old newbies visiting my Adult sim.

    Obviously some of them are alts, but i'm sure I read somewhere that you had to be a few weeks old at least, thanks


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