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  1. After doing the tutorial i am confused, when i started in SL i did what manny people did "recreating existing places in SL".Istripped the buildings from their brand- or company names but the tutorial suggests that you can not build anything that slightly resembles something in RL. I always considdered this something like Google maps Streetview, if you advertise in public it is represented there. When becomes this a violation in SL ? Historical buildings ? commercial buildings ? And do the Lindens realize how these new features, innovations and ever changing policy has an impact on the existing creations and sold products, if this mesh thing is really much better then scuplty's, i feel sorry for the people who bothered to create them in the past, and for myself, i'm excluded anyway because i can not provide billing information, i earned my place in SL by creating things and selling it, i put many hours of work in it, i rent land so indirectly i pay landfee's. So if this mesh will become a real succes and the new standard, that will be the neckshot for me. And that's not all, Lately the way to set a pay menu is changed (read: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7170? ) to solve a safety problem in a highly unprofessional way, which results in making many sold products not function anymore (malicious products with my name on it, i can not say i'm pleased and can expect many complaints the next few years because it only takes effect when they rez it again). And then there is this new feature: the max size of the prims is 64 x 64, very nice, but now my earlier creations have an excessive amount of prims, i build skyscrapers, at first ( for obvious reasons) with Huge Prims that where available, then i red an article about people getting banned for distributing Huge prims, so i build them again with 10 x 10 prims, now i can do the job all over using the 64 m prims, what brings me to the ever changing policy on which you can never find real information from the Lindens and you never know if it's just a rumour. I build camping objects, to find out that campers and even people with campingobjects on their land got banned, but i never found any info from the Lindens on this subject. The new Adult rating forced me to split up my business and rent extra land. There is always a fear of getting banned for some reason or change in policy you are not aware off. Sl is not a save place to start a serious project and being here just for fun is made far too expensive, that's why the people leave. In the 5 years i am in SL, i have had lot of partners who quit because of the expenses, i've seen big businesses come and go because there is nothing to gain here, my own sales are dropping dramatically, what all indicates that the interest in SL is dropping in general. What is bothering me the most is the many hours of work i invested in SL for that reason i would not join an opensim server, these things are all temporary, what is left is running a server on your own pc (then at least you have controll ), in time somebody will come up with a system to connect all these private servers, you probably loose the feature to get money for your product, but what the heck, now all my earnings get absorbed by the Lindens.
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