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  1. *sigh* I guess that does it for me then, I wont make something that multiple people can play and have fun on if it will cause land/business owners or even me to be banned or have my game removed, even if the intent is not to game the traffic system...its just to have fun but I do want to be compliant with LL rules.
  2. Hmmm, so if I make a game like Tringo, which is a skill based game that residence could play for hours (I know i have), then the Lindens would consider it camping? I am not trying to point out what is good or bad about the rules, I just want to make sure I am in compliance with the rules before I invest the time and $L making something that would either get me banned or be removed.
  3. Thanks for the response DJ but according to the rule in the knowledge base: "(1) (a) rely on chance or random number generation to determine a winner" AND "(2) provide a payout in (a) Linden Dollars" So in the first Scenario with a game like Tringo that has some chance by randomly selecting a shape and if you win $L it would be considered gambling even though there is a large element of skill involved? Or is this a blanket rule so it would be considered gambling. If so I could understand that and it seems like a definitive answer for this scenario unless a Linden can clarify. The other part is, if I remove the element of the cash pay out, would it be considered camping then, especially if people are sitting around and playing it, like in Tringo?
  4. Similar to another discussion post "Second Life Jobs?", I was just brain storming on some ideas and came across that post which got me thinking, if I create a game the encourages competition, like Tringo, but where you have to pay a fee to play and the winner would receive a prize (cash or some in world object such as skins, hair, etc) would that be considered gambling? Now take that same scenario and remove the "pay a fee to play" part and would that be considered camping?  It seems a little grey in this area and hopefully a Linden can shed some light on this (unless I am just blind and missed it while searching answers). -XOXO- Paro
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