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  1. No the alt had no problem...so that is strange. I have been cking all different possibilities.....cannot figure it out...since the alt has no problem but Gabi does... So I want to try to contact Firestorm about this..
  2. No but I shall do that now..... And the alt is able to walk all ways..... strange... and this happened awhile back to me as Gabi after a few days all was well...
  3. No I haven't installed any new software or key shortcuts. The W and S keys do not move me forward or backward either. The up and down arrows on the onscreen movement palette do not work nor the arrow keys on keyboard...up and down.
  4. Movement controls......I can only walk sideway controls, not forward or backward, this is happening on both of my laptops. (The arrow movement controls) This suddenly happened 3 days ago. I have reinstalled, then installed new SL, tried different ..Phoenix, Firestorm, Second Life Viewer...all the same. This is frustrating...
  5. No, It is happening all the time, no matter where I am.... I can only walk to the left or to the right....not forward or backward..... changed to Second Life Viewer even...all viewers it is happening..
  6. All of a sudden yesterday, I am unable to walk forward or backward, even using the arrow keys in our second life ....and of course my arrow keys on laptop. I can walk to one side or the other and that is all. I installed the New firestorm and still the same thing... just walk to one side or other side...not forward or backward, nor I cannot even fly.
  7. It only stops if I click at bottom of screen. Starts when I cam around or just click on the screen
  8. My friend accidentally deleted her name.... her main account, how does she retrieve it back???
  9. I was on my build platform, had moved objects to side to rezz a dance floor, and rezzed it. I also was working on a folder (box) adding objects into it with a Landscape name on the "box". Then notice of land maintenance came so I logged out. When i went back to the same place all objects were back where there originally were and my dance floor was gone and the box I had been working on was gone... and items are not in inventory either. This is aggravating because some items are no copy items.,
  10. I had it rebuilt and it is internet ready, and was able to load other programs into it. But for some reason it refuses to load Second Life.
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