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  1. There is one reference / resource I've come upon, and her name is Yavanna Llanfair. She's the creator of the auto-piloted tour pods. See this wiki: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Yava_Script_Pods. She has also used drones to map some features by region for the Protected Route Interest Group, including rez zones. Furthermore, she's compiled them in several map-like graphic models of the continents. An example is displayed in the exhibit "Maps of Second Life" at the New Kadath Lighthouse Art Gallery. Yavanna's work is not public, so I'm not sharing it here. You're welcome to contact her yourself. I'd like to express my gratitude for her sharing them with me. Also thanks to Juliana Lethdetter, Curator at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Kadath/34/58/23
  2. That is a great tool.Now if I could make it query any region by clicking clicking on the mini map or giving it a parcel ID or something
  3. How do you locate nearby rez zones in your vicinity? Why don't they show on maps or the World menu or something like that?
  4. How do you drive a car? Every one that I've tried has only stop and fast, plus they're impossible to keep on the road. The only operation that is normal is when you drive into a ditch, you're stuck. Then all you can do is delete it and find another rez zone.
  5. I'm asking for destination on the mainland to drive to on a dinner date;. Is there any such place? Is there any such place with service also? I'd like an LM for the diner as well as somewhere to rez a vehicle. Thx
  6. I've tried 4 different public sandboxes today. When I TP, my viewing screen is blotted out by what appears to be huge prims that I've landed in the middle of. Has anyone had this happen? thanks. sandbox island (128, 128, 27) (99, 98, 27) (134, 122, 27)
  7. I was pushing and pulling my new sofa across the living room floor and it disappeared; any idea what happened? I looked outside the house, just in case, but can't find it. thanks for any advise.
  8. as in I would like to find a cafe in the vacinity; thanks again for your advice
  9. Is there a way to stop scripts from HUDs posting notifications in the NEARBY chat? I hate it when I'm in an IM and it switches to NEARBY automatically, and the next thing is I'm writing in the public channel. TY :)
  10. Do I understand correctly that the only way to post a snapshot to your feed is with the snapshot control at the time you save the snapshot? I ask because I saved snapshots to disk to edit and choose the best shots, but there's no way to upload them to the feed? They can only be uploaded as textures, yet there's still no way to show them in the feed.
  11. ty for that... it was interesting, and with the Director of Food Inc. too!
  12. thank you friends. I think I'll skip it since it sounds like it puts an emphasis on the negative aspects, but addiction and other player traits certainly apply to more violent games. I hoped the movie would be an example that I could show off to a few people who think sharing cliches on FB is all there is to do.
  13. ty. I'll read up on scripting portals; in the mean time I think I can just drop some landmarks onto a note card as a list.
  14. I've subscribed to your topic, Cradom. I'm interested in what you come up with, so please post your lessons learned. ty
  15. shall I rent it? Rotten Tomatoes gave it high score from Critics, but Audience wasn't too impressed. It seems like a long movie. Is it mostly filler or does it really keep your attention? TIA
  16. Can a couple or group travel joined or tethered together with one driver and others follow without having to send teleport offer at each jump to a new location?
  17. I did have Par performance with my BenQ 27" monitor DVI attached to Radeon HD 6670 with viewer ver 3_7_17_294959_i686.... I cannot determine what changed, but now, and only in SL, it acts like it's caching all the memory or network traffic to the hard drive. The network bandwidth, other programs, like video, all seem unaffected. I tried resetting the preferences to default; I uninstalled and did a clean install of the viewer. I've tried dialing down the heavy processing options in settings. I set the cache size to 256 and bandwidth to 500, but the disk i-o still goes ape, which just started yesterday with no apparent reason. If anybody has any advise, I'd appreciate it. TIA - Rivernaut.Piers My platform is Win 7 Pro 64 desktop, Asus P8Z68-V LX, 16 GB RAM, Intel core i-3, TY; I'll double check it. I use Webroot and I looked at the AV and Firewall settings yesterday. It doesn't have a Gaming Mode. I'll try turning the whole thing off. I also just ran a clean install of AMD Catalyst Drivers and that's not it. yep; turning off all Webroot protection fixes it, so I opened a support ticket to have them look into it. Must be their heuristic or Infrared monitoring.
  18. What is that animated texture on my Linden home front porch and what can I do with it? Thx My Linden Home is in region Caliente Springs and it's from the Meadow Brook theme. Mine is the Quad style; nearly all the homes there have a front porch with something that appears to be a reflecting pool or something, but it isn't water. I was only wondering if it is useful for anything. Addendum Aug 16th - The Linden Home Reference Guide definately calls it a pool, but it's locked and is only a surface texture, not a phantom prim like the other pools I've seen - in short, they're good for nothing. Addendum Aug 17th - I've learned that, although it is indeed a pool, it is Linden water, not prim water. You can walk on it like Jesus :-) but it isn't transparent and has no depth, so you can't even put koi fish in it (you can but you can't see them). Addendum Aug 18th - For future reference, if you're reading this because it was returned in your search results... Solution: I purchased a small a small pond spray ring at Splash Aquatics and placed it over the Linden pool and added some aquatic plants. :manhappy:
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