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  1. I've tried some of the remedies found on Google and still no joy. Just got the Spacenavigator this week.

    Using FS 5.0.1 (Dec2016) Opensim 64bit Win 7 Pro64 and no other programs open. The SN only zooms forward and backward on one axis. Using default settings in View & Move for joystick. 3DxWare sees Firestorm, and shows in the title.

    Any advise or links to help would be appreciated.

  2. I'm not a builder. I'm a user that disfigured his home accidently. I 'stored' the home rezed with the Rez-Faux, then took it into inventory. As I understand it, it should remember the position of home. The home is full of objects and I want to rerez it so that all the objects lay in their relative places without me having to edit/move them all over the place again. So now what do I do? Take the Rez Fauz out of inv and derez the house, then rerez it? Does it matter where I drop the Rez Faux? - Thanks for any advice you can offer.

  3. Having a problem where ever I go with previous tenants TPng into their old rental. The owner provided HippoSecurity has a 15 sec delay. I want my own device that will log intrusions and eject them immediately.

    Will a personal orb work in a rental when not owned by the rental group?

    If so, which devices are compatible with rentals for the tennant (non-owners) and cannot be deeded to the rental group.

    Thanks for your advice.

  4. Before I install this, can anyone give feedback. Is it worthwhile or not? I want to use for syntax checking, LSL fun lib, and GitHub.

    As a side note - I'm was a legacy COBOL/SQL programmer and now starting in LSL and  SL building, texturing, Blender and GIMP. If you'd like to mentor this novice, and need a team member, I'm retired, so I have a good deal of spare time. I'd be interested in helping on a major project similar to Paris 1900 that incorporates all the functionality, (not just stuff to sell in MP).  I'm just starting up the learning curve, but I'll try not to slow you down. Thanks. -- R.P.

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