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  1. Just grabbed a victorian in Holdover and it's lovely. There were Vics and Houseboats on the LP when I got this one like 5 minutes ago.
  2. Camper after camper on LP right now. I just want a log home. 😞
  3. Throwing a camper in Timpson back in. Gonna keep trying for something different. Hope somebody grabs it and loves it!
  4. If it is the same person, send another complaint. If you can't follow the rules you don't get to stay. Maybe you'll get a new neighbor who follows the covenant.
  5. Jinx. (Is that still a thing or am I showing my age?)
  6. I'm not sure if it's the lack of coffee I've consumed so far this morning, or what... but I'm a little confused by your statement. It is basically this, first to click next and claim it wins. Thats about as fair as it gets.
  7. The very moment I logged into SL I was teleported to a welcome area. Korea3. And I heard this quite high pitched excited yelp. An avie was running over to me and she was so cute. She called over for her friends and started telling them I was a "newb" and I needed their help. From the very first second on SL just over 10yrs ago Sara Wheatcliffe befriended me. We were inseparable from the start. She had only started playing two months prior. We had this little gang who hung out in Korea welcome area and helped newbies, stood around to chat, eventualy sat around when the Lindens put out benches. We went on shopping sprees, bought land together, lived together, ran an rp clan together, ran a store together. We were close. She even knew about my RL and I knew about hers. Skype video chats daily even when not on SL just to drink coffee or tea and catch up like old friends do. We were very close. She was my best friend for so many years. I miss her a lot and made a post on missed connections yesterday looking for her. I went through some stuff in RL and had no internet access or phone, we lost contact, by the time I came back she was gone.
  8. I found the webpage and info in your picks and applied to be a human.
  9. I may need to come check this out. Sounds like a dream.
  10. While I do enjoy becoming friends with the person behind the avie, if it ever even gets that far and they are comfortable to open up... I'm in SL to be Mae. Not my RL self. Which is obviously not Mae. As others above stated. I'm here for the avies and their stories, Not the authors. I've never shacked up or tied the knot in SL in my whole deacde here and I think it's because I put up that division. Being a long term/long time rper, Mae is simply a character for me and my time in SL is her story. I have no issues separating the game from rl. Not everyone shares that sentiment though. Edit: IMO, relationships made in sl between avies can be just that if the authors behind the avies agreed. And if in time it turns into more it does... But this isnt rl. I'm not Mae. You're not a mesh avie in the game either. We are all playing this game together... It's not rl.
  11. Just looking for an old friend I haven't heard from in a long time. We lost contact when life got in the way, and just wondering if she's still around somewhere on an alt? Probably not, but worth the attempt. ^^
  12. Digging through my inventory and can't decide on what to wear. Bonus is I get to rediscover all the forgotten purchases, like this cute little thing.
  13. I'm an idiot. Disregard.
  14. I feel so weird looking at my neighbors homes... But then this morning I caught a neighbor straight up standing at my front door face pressed into the wall. At least when I cam out to look at their decorating I sit inside my own house... Just a random thought for the day. Haha.
  15. OOOHHH!!!! Another from the vault. Dude, my group and I always hung out in the Korea welcome area. And this was the very moment that a wonderful (and probably annoyed) Linden came to set down some benches for the very first time! We had previous just stood around... Not anymore! Ah man. The good old days. Back in 09 btw, and I'm the furry Cat. Haha.
  16. So first is me about 2 months in with the curly pigtails and a friend Xyre, I know I have some but can't find any prior to that. But it was 09. Second is 2010, third and fourth are me now. Thank god for meshbodies, ya? Haha.
  17. So FYI, the show was absolutely gorgeous.
  18. What exactly is a particle show? I can see the fairgrounds from my houseboats kitchen window and have no plans on missing this event, but I dont even know what it is. Lol.
  19. Also, to suggest LL give refunds because you used your premium time allotment but were unhappy because you didnt get a Belli home is ludicrous. You used the premium membership, you're not going to get refunded for the whole thing after you used it. If you paid for a year and only used a small portion and were unhappy, I could see maybe receiving a refund if you asked politely. But I didn't see anything about refunds for that in TnS. So again, you're not entitled to it.
  20. Came to say the same. No where did they promise a Bellisseria home. Any premium member can go grab a LL home right now. The issue people are having is they feel [cheated] because they want the golden egg and they want it now! Well, you are not entitled to your vision of perfection where ever that is located, and if thats what you're honestly after go buy ML and make it into your vision, or like everyone else, you'll have to wait to get into Belli. Believe me, the wait sucks. I know. Relax. I never degraded LL for my seemingly poor luck at catching a home in Belli though. Screaming "I hate LL" at the top of your lungs isnt going to help any. It's not productive. Negativity begets negativity.
  21. Wooowww.... Well, you definitely got noticed. Pretty sure none of this is gonna get you a new home though. Probably just negative connotations here in the forums. Anywho, everyones right. Check the search feature. Use the tips everyone has so kindly laid out, keep trying. Complaining and making yourself "seen" isnt gonna make the process easier? LL isn't just gonna hand you a home because you complained... Ask anyone else who has complained if it worked for them. Bet it didnt.
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