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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sanctuary/206/159/506
  2. I have two distinct outfits I want made. Unrigged would be desired. We want this to be quick and I will share the pictures. I wouldlike references and to see previous work please. Lady Aiko Amaterasu Dark Queen of Hapes
  3. I've experienced the same and it's why I don't bother with role playing on serious sims or with 'serious' people. Usually those leads to sex makin git even more distasteful. In fact I will go even further to say SL has become the premiere sexual desires mmo. I've met people who have IC relationships and OOC so they want a partner and are too stupid and unattractive to get one in real life...they doll up their toon and fetch one in SL... As far as realism to th erp thats bull...I used to play swrp...which is a bunch of crock. There is about as much 'realism' there as there is in smurf village. I was on one sim where you had to eat or your vatar would faint after a while. That was kind of neat but then thats where the fun ended. Some people were rude...they took things too far such as getting involved in peoples personal lives if they would let them converging that with the RP. I think the 24/7 rpers are physically or mentally disabled not so desirable looking government mney collecting jackasses....with no life and want to torment others with their so called rp... Why bother? Just find a game you enjoy and play it. Unless you like playing with perverted pedohpiles....
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