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  1. However - that there be an elite group that gets special privileges does not make sense. It isn't just about tier that your discussion brings us to.. though that is what some are thinking.. You are asking LL to expand their thinking in ways that will support economic growth while removing the barriers that stifle it. The answer may lie in their own competition.

  2. I have been in SL for 8 years and an owner of a private sim for 6 years that is made beautiful by the content from builders. I take a personal loss every year on it, but that is my choice in making a place for others to play and enoy. I support you all wholeheartedly. I am concerned when I hear about the content rule - what you build here belongs to LL not you. The cost of SL is exorbitant in comparison to up and coming worlds and I am hoping that competition will drive some prices down and create more reason among the decision makers of this world. But yes.. Bash, your point is well - taken. For the majority of people in SL this is a place to spend money - not make it. That money goes to you and LL. A simple economic idea.. or used to be. Promoting a way to make all of that easier is a good thing.

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