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  1. Incorrect I still pay for SL, but haven't logged in for months. I dont know why I continue to pay...just sort of for memories and a belief in the company I think. SL2 has me excited, a new engine, new possibilities, a whole new world that they might not screw up and make sim ownership a dime a dozen, or bogged down in microsecond simwide updates lagging everything, maybe they will do expansive sims/realms instead of small can do nothing with it sims. Maybe it will be locally hosted sims where SL2 is just a portal service linking to other online worlds I do know very little, I asked a few questions and ultimately it is going more for playability. one goal is for full VR headset integration (for those that want) and that sounds pretty awesome. What I would like now, would be them moving into space. sim owners aren't sim owners, they are planet owners. With that planet, you can build as you desire on your instance, your own medieval world, your GoTs sketchup project, your future dystopian city, etc..and charge a sliding scale based on size of your world, adjustable on the fly (bad month, take out a few dozen miles and save some coin). LL has made some bad decisions before (letting source code go for no reason, not aggressively stopping copybots, cheapening sims prices that ghost town sims became the most common sim, etc.), but I actually have confidence in their vision..just need to restructure the decisionmakers to remove the ones that pushed for the dumb business model breaking things. But anyhow, yeah...SL in my opinion is getting far more interesting with this announcment. perfect timing also with greater machines, headsets, and plenty of good ideas to become inspired on (fallout 4, star citizen)
  2. I don't understand this. Premium account, took the stupid copyright test thing (Repeatedly actually, it is endlessly saying I haven't done it). I am tired of spending endless lindens on main grid to look at meshes I am working on...seriously..how do I fix this once and for all so I can test meshes on beta?!!
  3. This is now the second time I am asking for the ADITI server to allow me to upload mesh verses give me that payment and testing issue. It was fixed on the main server, that is fine..I can upload there, but I want to be able to try on beta first...and its not allowing me to. Please can you fix this? I know you lot are making a mint off me in my endless fail uploads on the main grid...but enough is enough... Thank you in advance Rob Escape.
  4. Things were going fine, and suddenly I cannot upload mesh again. says (again) I need to complete the test. You fixed this for me before...then suddenly out of the blue today it happened..so..ya Also, can you please fix me on beta grid..uploading wonky meshes to main grid is costing me a fortune for a bunch of trash...thanks. Rob Escape Btw, even with the headaches and bugs, I do appreciate the work going into this and the release...for all its bugs, you got many of us excited again.
  5. Yep, having the same issue here I resolved the payment thing (simply purchased some lindens), but the IP thing is still wonky...so, Would you kindly allow me to upload meshes now? Cheers (will check back...and thanks for finally releasing this...can't wait to start my store back up) Rob Escape
  6. Ahh, thats interesting...a new viewer..how nice.. oh, and incidently, RELEASE MESHES ALREADY!!! ok, thats all peace
  7. Please make sure only registered accounts can import meshes at a hefty cost. That way, if its proven that the person is using stolen meshes or otherwise illegal content, they actually have something to lose with their account banned, not to mention how ever many lindens they spent uploading the stolen data to begin with. I am thinking 2k+ per mesh is not unreasonable. Rob Escape - a dood who simply gave up making sculpties because of endless content theft
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