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  1. Jupiter projects brings all you lovely Belli's the CRITTER CAFE. Open Now - November 25th, 2019. Come in and read the paper, have a coffee and chill with the tigers, cow, alpaca, and more. Cuddle or play the video games and even have a picnic out back. You can also do a little yoga on the carpet or meditate on the mushrooms. See you there! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/184/41/46
  2. Saw this home while flying around Belli the other day.
  3. AH how the evolution of one innocent question led to the great Belli snow debate.
  4. There are two camps, those that want snow and those that don't. Perhaps, as I stated before allow people to celebrate the holidays for a small window of time like 3 weeks. A couple of weeks leading up to the holidays and the week after. Then the AR's can kick in. Let people enjoy and celebrate the holidays how they like on their parcel. Sure some will be a tacky eye sore but some may be spectacular. Have a tour of holiday homes or a decorating contest like the Belli Citizens group did for Halloween. Make it inclusive and send positive vibes out into the SL world.🥂
  5. LOL well it is a conundrum. I see no problem with people being festive. As long as people keep their snow within the boundaries of their parcel and ideally only up during holidays (give or take). At this point I say who cares? Lets just be accepting of others tasteful or crazy decorations. Spread the power of love to all our neighbors in Belli and have fun with it. I plan on having a little snow on my parcel, so there.😉
  6. If the decoration is done tastefully and is whimsical I do not see an issue with it. If it is anything like the photo posted then ya, I'd say that is too much.
  7. Personally, I don't see an issue with including snow in a creative way on ones parcel for the holidays. It's all about being festive. Perhaps, not for the entire winter season but if you celebrate Christmas, why not?
  8. The Haunted House had a surprise trick or treating guest this morning. Hope to see y'all at the house. HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!
  9. Someone posted this on my FB page and I immediately thought of Patch Linden. What do you all think?
  10. Yes, please do! I am glad you enjoyed the Haunted House.
  11. I know how you feel. O.k guys, my alt is going to give up her camper in Toad Hollow. It is still experiencing technical issues BUT it is in a nice spot on the river. I will be releasing it at 6:20 am so we can try to score Marianne's place. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Toad Hollow/152/61/26
  12. I really, really, really want a traditional right on the beach. Those are really, really, really hard to get...sigh. This view with the camper is super though.
  13. My Alt got a camper in Toad Hallow. It is actually the nicest view she has scored so far! It is still not on a beach but by a river with a view of the ocean and a lovely bridge. It is very private. She is debating on whether to keep it or not...sigh.
  14. Ah neighbors, you gotta love them...lol! I have seen some pretty icky things here and there throughout my travels in Belli..to each his own as they say.
  15. Yep...just caught and released one. Saw 3 traditional homes earlier...sigh.
  16. Jupiter Projects brings all you lovely Bellisserians an interactive Haunted House just in time for Halloween. Enter if you dare! Best viewed with the Firestorm viewer. With other viewers please set your environment settings to something spooky or perhaps midnight. The House will be open until November 1st. Click on the the furniture, and various objects to interact, RP and have fun! You can even cuddle in the funeral hearse. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/184/41/46
  17. The House of Exquisite Cuddles – Closing on September 30th, 2019 Inspired by the Victorian era brothels, The House of Exquisite Cuddles welcomes all to RP, chill out, have a drink, dance or cuddle in the bedrooms, terrace or garden. Open 24/7 for anyone to lay their weary head or hang out with friends. Jian's Jack Russel is giving free kisses away until the end of the month. The doors will close on September 30th to make way for the next Jupiter project. Reflects terms & conditions of Linden Homes, SEE rules at the door! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/183/42/47
  18. That is absolutely wonderful! Attached is a pic from our summer road trip to Thousand Islands, Ontario that I posted in another thread about what we would like to see as possible parcels. It would be nice to have these little islands as options for homes. Maybe super premium?
  19. A BIG Thank you to everyone who helped make this project and opening party work! Bjoyful and Doc you rock! Delia you are absolutely amazing! Dawn our Cuddle Mistress what can I say you have been my rock through the whole process. Madam Soul thank you for being there and helping me come up with a name and the brainstorming we did. To all the wonderful folks who came out to the opening a BIG THANK YOU! Please visit the House of Exquisite Cuddles anytime. We are open 24/7...bring your partner or friends or just yourself. Rest your weary heads especially if you are homeless. Have a drink at the bar, a dance almost everywhere and cuddle away! Hugs all around!!! It will be open for a limited time. Jupiter Projects next installation is hush hush at the moment. Cheers! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/183/42/47
  20. And I am ahead of you there. If anyone would like to volunteer to be one of the cuddlers please let me know, the more the merrier! YES and that is the point...lol. Thank you for noticing. Please do all come on out for the opening if you can make it if not then please pop by and cuddle away with all your friends. The house is open 24/7 for everyone for a limited time.
  21. Grand Opening~ House of Exquisite Cuddles- DJ Doc @8am-10 SLT Saturday September 7, 2019 Join DJ Doc and Joy @TessaPaige Jupiter's new project, The House of Exquisite Cuddles- Open for a limited time only. This Bellisserian PG brothel is inspired by the Victorian era & welcomes all to RP, chill out, drink, dance or cuddle in the bedrooms, terrace or garden. Open 24/7 for anyone to lay their weary head or hang out with friends. Reflects terms & conditions of Linden Homes, SEE rules at the door! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady Corners/183/42/47
  22. LOL Alyona! I was at the 3 Mile Island spot on SSPE238 yesterday. I had to do a double take. I wonder what they are doing with those structures?
  23. Nika, I was wondering about that in regards to Dr. Seuss.. In that case how about the films of Russ Meyer? Instead of the Beyond the Valley of the Dolls do something like Doll Gorge, or Doll Canyon. What about Ultra-Vixenville as an ode to Beyond the Valley of the Ultr-Vixens, Or Vixen! or Super Vixens. Russ really liked his Vixens. My all time fave though is Faster ***** Cat Kill Kill! Editing...the Russ Meyer Film title was censored!
  24. I wonder if there is a copyright infringement on Dr. Seuss book titles? Maybe do an ode to some of the books like Green Eggs and Ham or Horton Hear's a Who? Maybe Hortonville?
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