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  1. Hello :-) I have two land blocks side by side suitable to rent for breedables, amaretto's or whatever you like. Big block 4096sqm 937 prims 1100L per week or 2048sqm 468 prim 550L per week If you want both I can make you a deal, just IM me. Come and take a look. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cabera/40/48/114
  2. Hi If you're considering abandoning your land my group will buy it for 0.15L per sqm on mainland. Set it to me for sale and send an IM or message :-) Thanks
  3. At Haven Hills we have a variety of land parcels available to suit your needs. From 1290L a week for 644 prims, largest available is 99 prims for 2198L. Our land is developed with love and care, no flat square blocks, we create a realism and beauty you have to see to believe. Our only rule is no banlines. Build the home of your dreams, make friends and be part of the community if you wish. BDSMers welcome. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Enchanted%20Isle/120/134/24
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