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  1. Thanks for the reply guys, I will look into that. EDIT: Upon writing a reply on the other forum post, I had to get some examples from the script and it ran find today. It hasn't ran fine for about a month and today, with no changes, it decides to start working again.
  2. I have this script which connects to a PHP script which then connects to a data base. the script looks as such toWebPage(string params) { params += "&FromSL=true"; string tst = ""; if(DEBUG) { tst = "/tst"; } llDebugSay("HTTP REQUEST: " + URL + PRODUCTNAME + tst+"/"+controller+".php"); llDebugSay("HTTP REQUEST: " + params); myRequest = llHTTPRequest(URL + PRODUCTNAME + tst + "/"+controller+".php", [HTTP_METHOD, "POST", HTTP_MIMETYPE, "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"], params); } The method runs perfect as I have been usi
  3. A friend of mine is in a great Bloodlines family- ShadowKhan Draconia
  4. Hey all. I have just started playing a Demons vs Angels game where you battle for the control of human souls. It was release into BETA yesterday so its very new. If you want to know more there is an overview blog post by the creator here http://gettinmygeekon.blogspot.com/2015/06/beyond-veil-overview.html Or even better... if you want to be a Demon I can explain what I know of the game and you can join the Demonic Forsaken Crusade Legion.
  5. I have made a clan in this game. It's called Forsaken Crusade and we fight for the demons. if you wanna join me, you are welcome.
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