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  1. looks like her MP is now empty. that is either because i flagged her items or because she got my notecard about wanting a refund and reporting her to LL about frauding and stealing lindens from second life residents. either way, im glad there are no more items in her marketplace, because i would hate to see this same thing happen to anyone else.
  2. this person has been on sl almost 4 years and has had a marketplace since 2013. I would think that would be a pretty safe person to buy from. Considering the items she is selling is gachas a little different then buying normal items. She is selling items that she really doesn't have. I believe the reason she is making the box as small as she can and transparent is so when you rez it, you can't find it and think you lost it because its a no copy item. i would have never found the item when i rezzed it if i didn't area search it. she is far from a "newbie" this person has been on sl alm
  3. Thanks, ill try that. I reported an abuse fraud ticket inworld as well because that is what it ultimately is. She is taking users lindens without supplying a product. Lindens equal real money. Some of these false items she is selling are going for more than $25 USD at once. Imagine doing that everyday how many lindens she is stealing.
  4. A Seller is a fraud and her marketplace is a scam. She is selling boxes with no items and taking thousands of lindens from second life residents. =/ she I bought: CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / COMPLETE FULL SET 14 + 2 RARES which is the new set from Salem . I understand it is a gacha set and I am taking my chances as I have been buying gacha items from marketplace for years and have never had a problem, however when I got the box it was the smallest of a prim you can make and transparent and there was nothing in it. I want to report her to make sure these doesn't happen to other
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