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  1. Please explain what files are needed(if not all) to install from that link and where they need to go in the maya program. thanks
  2. Hey would anyone happen to have on file the old XSI Sculptie plugin that was once hosted at " http://www.talinsands.com/sculpties/index.html" I know that really outdated but I really would like the help refinding that! thanks!
  3. Secondlife avatar bonestructure is fine just In my case I do not know what has happeend. Hoping for some help then people just coming around to comment freely and just complain about sl issues.... does anyone know what could be done to correct the this issue?
  4. Yes, there still a faulse fee on the beta grid tho. which is fine tho. updated the first post with the image to see what I am talking about. I've rigged before but never had this issue happen.
  5. Allright, this is different , looked around the forum didn't see anything like this so I am going to post this out and see if I can get some help! So you know when you upload a weighted mesh you get the preview window where it shows you your mesh with a relax stand? well it shows propperly there. no issues what so ever. so I upload, pay the fee. and when I get it in my inventory, mind I have taken all my stuff off like ao's and such. I wear the avatar shape I created and it like sags like a old bag into the old skeleton shape, even tho its ment to be taller. its like its refusing to go to the hight that I made it in maya. mind the preview displays it propperly. so I am confused by this. I'll take some snapshots later when I am able to get them of this issue. its like...its ignoring its joint binding, and going back to the default size and postion... anyone have any ideas?
  6. I am just curiouse because I am interested in making a four arm'd critter so yeah! want to know how this went and what not.
  7. If your underage, the id stuff wont work. you will have to wait till your of age. dont try to cheat the system. besides your not missing out on much.
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