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  1. "Background image content type is invalid" "Background image is invalid" Knowledge Base and actual site give different sizes for uploaded pictures. Nowhere does it say anything about the format. I tried both BMP and JPG and always get that error message.
  2. I really apprechiate these post mortens to service outages. Well done !
  3. When did people start referring to texture faces as "Materials" ? Was that officially changed and I missed it ? Or Is it being accepted because everybody does it wrong ? I'm not being nitpicky, I'm seriously curious.
  4. SL has a very large avaiation community but the very small size of sims and resulting issues make flying tough. Will Sansar cater to aviation (and boating, sailing, racing etc.) enthuiasts more ?
  5. I for one liked to get a email for sales notifications. Only in the past 2 days or so, there weren't any ! (but yes, there were sales as I still get the mails from my drop box) So how do I get my sales notifications mails BACK ?
  6. "I look forward to serving you--our customers--in the times ahead." I hope you mean that and its not a line that was put in your mouth by some clever guy at the office. Yes, we are your CUSTOMERS. If we leave, you're dead in the water. ALWAYS keep that in mind and you should be doing much better than your predecessors. I liked your first blog post. I like the approach. I like what you say. If you can listen just as well, that will be even better. Stick to that, you should be good. Welcome to SL.
  7. Dear Linden Labs, You want help and advise from your residents on a project that is supposed to bring more people into SL ? Ok, here is one piece of advise that may help you: Buy some advertising time on TV channels across the spectrum and run the clip from the above link in a amped up version. Buy ads on sites that link to that clip. Or the CDs that come with gaming and onine magazines. Cause that clip goes in the right direction. There is potential there. You know. Advertising. Everybody does it.
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