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  1. So basically he saying second life is burning them self's up and pissing people off again. Pretty much putting nail in there coffen. I've been with second life a while, thought about playing again. I understand either people are white knights, or long term dedicated, gone threw LL BS shiz storm, here we go again, more B's shiz store. Sorry LL labs but Patriot act happen long time ago. So not at all reason you changing things, I blame Trump.
  2. Ty animats, just wish blender was easier but im really trying to learn. There not really any updated tutorials for second life, and blender. There all kind of old to tell you the truth. I wish someone make one on how to fix a google sketchup model in blender for second life, or is it sketchup exporter. Ive been part of second life for while building is important, mabe more then lots of things, so yeah update the building tools, makes sense to me.
  3. See what i dont understand is why the dev arent working on new building tools, instead of adding new feature to a old system that still need to be updated. mats, someone understands.See what i dont understand is why the dev arent working on new building tools, instead of adding new feature to a old system that still need to be updated. Ive tried to use sketchup and then blender. Used meshlab to try to clean it up from sketching, im trying diff things.
  4. in-game build tools are not used anymore, ty for the laugh, yes they are. Ive found easy to build in game, then export it to blender in dae file, the edit it. I really wish second life dev would get stuff together, make a different tools. K mabe blender tools be to complicated, but not like they couldn't update with sketchup like features.
  5. Well problem is I really like sketchup, I can build so much into it, just physics really suck, even if I use cleanup in sketchup. I can build really nice stuff. No what I did was used sketchup, exported it to Dae, then imported it to blender with out touching it, then exported to dae, and uploaded to second life. then I took same item, exported it to dae, then second life. Had diff amount of vertices, so wtf changed, I didn't do anything. I'm guessing it might be something in the import, or export. Personally if second life made a baby with sketchup up, that would be revolutionary. I can do bl
  6. Ty for being so awesome you guys. I know this topic come and it goes probably more frequently, then the amount of coffee I drink a day. I was trying to ask a question in this post, then just went all over the place. mean I just thought there was a 100% answer to blender. I figured 2018 mabe google sketchup worked better in second life now. Ive been playing sense 2009, trying to get into it. Yeah anna still have bunch to do, as in learning, but I'm trying. I'm working in the beta grid right now, but get kind of lonely. Alright well if anyone want to add me to friends list be nice. Also anyone
  7. omg so many error on spelling lol, was tired last night. Still learning, have avatar plugin, kind of a cool tool. OMG Chick Aeon nice to meet you, looked at some of your tutorials on blender. Yeah, trying to transition, into the new second era. I have so many ideas, but what I mean is instead of using basic prim square objects in second life, using third party program like blender to build. I have maya 30 day, and blender 2.79. Yeah just getting into all this again, going to work on my business again. I'm a stay at home dad, got excited about second life again, after getting burned out from dr
  8. Sorry i posted topic, alright I understand now. Sure its been covred before, you know I thought blender was hard to use, but learning, easier then I thought. Thing is Arton, one of the people that loveeeeeeee sketchup, so simple. I can build really good, just realizing, using ingame prim, just isn't the thing anymore. I know haven't been for a while. What I mean as same upload settings, I did same high physics. Mean didn't touch anything just imported the object I made I blender, then exported it, seeing if something happen, sketch totally changed it, crazy, didn't do anything. Alright going t
  9. so like I said didn't touch anything just export and imported the same object threw different programs that I originally made in blender. So sketchup mess up stuff somehow or is it the importer setting. Also pic below, I can walk threw the right one, with physics on high.
  10. Well have some questions. So I always heard people like don't use sketch up. Its not that efficient, or stuff gets messed up. Well using sketchup 2018, and blender 2.79. So I did a experiment, and I know this is not a new topic, alright I get that. So been learning blender, so far wow didn't realize how easy it is, finally I'm getting it, on how blender works. So I put some txt on pictures but better explain first. So I made the cube in blender, first pic exported to desktop(using avastar exporter], then uploaded to second life, same settings. So I took the same cube, imported to sketchup, se
  11. Ah still waiting on ticket, I had ticket accidently closed it out, doh, had to make a new one, but been like 2 days. Well change password on main grid, its it was to update in 24-48 hours I guess assumed they would have fixed the bug by now its end of january, for autologin sense its 2018. Guess all have to wait for them to update it, and sync password from Agni.
  12. Yeah and this was to have been changed a while ago. Things are to be synced but they still aren't, because I cant log into the beta grid, and have been a apart of it for a while. I did put in a ticket, but don't think they respond as fast, as when I first started playing while back.
  13. yeah getting aditi support, not as quick as it used to be. Having some problem with password, already put in a ticket. WAITING, seems like is used to be so fast back in the day!
  14. Im using Second Life 3.6.7 (281385) Sep 24 2013 00:36:11 (Second Life Release), and it keeps crashing, well then its a problem they need to fix. Im using Catalyst Version 13.9. If its the amd driver, then why don't it crash on FireStorm Release. Firestorm v4.4.2.34167. Its as stable as could be. Use second life client, i log in, see myself in the world, then crash to desktop.
  15. It was a windows update conflicting with the Viewer. I fixed it a while back. Having the same problem now, cause i think i installed it again. So now im searching for the thread that posted it. I will post back here when i find it.
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