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  1. Oh I have SUCCESS!! WooHoo Thanks so very both Ansariel & Ella for your kind help, I uninstalled the eDataSecurity Management from my Acer laptop and have just upload my first texture to sl on it, then saved a snapshot to my hard drive..I can't thank you enough.. VERY best wishes Elese
  2. Hey all hope you could help me out some.... I Cannot upload any textures to sl from my laptop at all, I also cannot save a snapshot to my hard drive. When trying both these things, SL crashes. I have no problem uploading to the internet say like a photo to facebook. Many people have suggested different things to me that may help but have not and here they are: Re logging... clearing cache... turning off my firewall... changing the resolution on said images... Try both things in another sim.... None of the above have worked. I also have a desktop pc with sl on it and its on the same internet connection (cable) with no issues at all.....anyone with any help would be most appeciated. Thanks & best wishes Elese
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