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  1. .Maybe a messenger like slim not something thatIi would have to flip over to my email, then to the link to message someone in sl would be a god idea for future. Flipping back and forth when ur to be working lol can take up a lil time and possible get caught lol. Maybe something with a 123 click and ur done....
  2. Thanks hun would be nice to get something like slim back loads of us loved it!
  3. Hi, I am owner Makayla Hanly of Sinfully Sedutive, right now im hiring for host/hostest job I do train and I do what others wont I HIRED NEW RESIDENTS,and train them to become,Dj, Dancer, Host ect. You may im me for an app. or stop by the club for more info this reply is for anyone that may need the help. Have a good day,evening,night!
  4. Depends on where u live,u can do as I did. Go to walmart get u a $3 pre-paid visa wait for ur named card comes in the mail and u can use it. I use that card everyday on here but, sl will not let u use the temp visa u first get from walmart u have to use a credit card with ur name and info on it not due to ppl charging to the credit cards and it only being a temp pre-paid and not hae the money. when ll would try to collect nothing was there, so now u have to use a cc with ur name on it. As I said walmart offers this pre-pai visa with ur name on it, and is allowedd to use for sl.
  5. Thanks for the reply hun I'll check it out
  6. Thanks Hun I'll Check That Zonkster Out!
  7. It Was Nice To Be Able To Keep In Contact With An Owners Staff While At RL Work And Couldnt Be In World! Is There Any Thought Of Bringing It Back?
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