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  1. Bree: "I don't see LL ever attempting to infringe in any unseemly manner as the user backlash could potentially put them out of business." Ordinarily Bree I would agree with you. However in this particular case... this is Linden Lab. They've done insane things before that cost both them and their customers millions of dollars. This is an interesting post that is good for keeping one up at night: Ulterior Motives? http://inworldz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=140046#p140046
  2. "The license agreement for Daz Models (at least the one I have) is very explicit on what can and cannot be done with them. And I'm sure that Daz'll be watching SL like a hawk... lol." I'm not sure Daz or any other company (including Second Life, if anyone should challenge it in court) has the legal right to state what is done with intellectual property created using their program. They do have the legal right to specify what is done with their program, their code, or proprietary data resulting therefrom. But any efforts to limit the right of a creator to use his creations as he sees fit
  3. I have to agree with Nalates in this. While I am the last person in the world to defend Linden Lab-- and am very aware they have repeatedly crossed the copyright line in the past as well as other lines of legality (I won't bore with details)-- in this case they are merely pulling in a convenient complicated mesh for testing. They're not distributing it, they're not selling it, they're not massively reproducing it and giving it away. It is being used as a limited test subject on a non-commercial beta grid. It's not the main grid. As such, I'm not aware of any copyright law they're breaki
  4. How do we STOP subscribing to this flippin post? ;D Seriously.. .where's the UNSUBSCRIBE button?
  5. Loniki, there are so very many reasons why Linden Lab is bleeding sims... but I'm not sure the economy is part of it. Now mind you, elements of the economy sure. For example: failure of the SEARCH engine both in-world and on SL Marketplace has caused a lot of people to just throw up their hands in frustration. But our group shut down 7 of 8 sims... and none of those shutdowns have to do with marketing or the economy; they had to do with LL policies. From failed group chat, to severe lag, to Viewer 2.slop to issues too numerous to count, imo SL is simply being mismanaged. Rather than list
  6. Loniki: "I don't care, pay me." Loniki, I have to say you hit it pretty much right on the head. I think that simple phrase is the sum-all statement of Linden Lab management since I've been a member-- and that's been over 6 years now. It's not that individual employees don't care (some of them cared a lot-- Blue Linden-- Torley-- Robin-- several others I could name but will not bore others on this post). Management has been the problem... and their attitude has been exactly as you described in that simple statement. "I don't care, pay me." This is a company that has consistently pu
  7. Removing voting is a generally bad idea. Claiming that voting causes "confusion" or "false expectations" is it itself incorrect. If your triage "isn't looking at voting" when considering an issue... then I have to ask WHY that is the case. Does Linden Lab not care what your customers think... so that voting is deemed by your company as worthless? WATCHING a JIRA issue means we will be email spammed every time a new post is left... and every time a post is edited. Linden Lab is surely aware that people will be hesitant to negatively impact their real life email by WATCHING an issue-- and t
  8. Anna Tretiak: ". How is that for arrogance, Wayfinder?" Anna, it's my experience that those who have to resort to such labeling do so because they already realize they're on shaky grounds. You divert attention and attempt to provoke to make your point-- because your point is flimsy in the first place. You ignored the definition from Dictionary.com and instead pointed to the "first" definition in a dictionary that supports your personal opinion. Where are the following definitions you've chosen to exclude? Are you presenting that you've presented the only viable definition in that dictiona
  9. Mike: "Anyway, why in God's name is LL subjecting SL residents to this idiocy (among others), without prior notice, and without allowing us to opt out?" I heard an interesting quote today that might answer that: "A civilized nation is one that feeds on its own children." The more I thought about that quote... the more and more it made sense. In the case of Linden Lab and Second Life, they don't just devour their own children; they feed off the flesh and bone of their residents. Unfortunately that is becomming more common among corporations today... but it seems to be the primary mode of o
  10. Actingill: For me it is my business. For others it surely is a game. Thanks. That's precisely the point I've been trying to make. Or more precisely, I've been trying to make the point that we don't really have a right to tell others it's not a game if they think it is. I do get bored with those who find it necessary to "correct" others just because someone dares to refer to SL as a game. If someone views SL as a game... then to that person, it's a game. No one else has any right to insist differently. It's really largely a matter of personal perspective, isn't it? BTW folks, I really h
  11. I still consider that we were the builders of the ship. Linden Lab may have provided the shipyard and the tools... but we built it. Remember? Our world. We even provided the materials (in the form of uploads, for which we pay dearly). I will grant that to an extent we co-created it... there are a few rather neat Linden scripts still floating around to this day. However I would venture that the number of Linden builds in proportion to user builds would amount to them putting half a dozen rivets in the hull. For the most part... we built the boat.
  12. Mike: Those of us who have been successful IT and/or business consultants in RL for decades could write a book about SL ... full of case studies on how NOT to do things. But we're still trying ... I think we probably have written a book about it... on blogs and forums. I certainly have enough blogs on the two Elf Clan blogsites to fill a book. And I'm not anywhere near the most prolific SL blogger.
  13. LOL Rene, that YouTube video was brilliant. I can't believe how they nailed it on the head in such a limited time. Very effective. Shame it's a character like Hitler that is making the point... but... point made.
  14. Cummere to Leal: Are you joking or just stupid hopelessly naive? Cummere, people aren't stupid and naive just because they disagree with what you believe. (only when they disagree with what I believe. kidding) We can be respectful of other users, even when disagreeing and debating their posts. It's possible to have a quite energetic and passionate debate without insulting others in the process. There is a difference between saying, "I think that viewpoint is naive because..." and saying "You are hopelessly naive." As Mike has said, let's keep it civil. : ) BTW folks, I really, really
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