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  1. This was taken 28 August 2014 at the Hot Bay City Nights car wash in North Channel. The annual event raises funds for http://www.childsplaycharity.org to help kids be kids. The late Ever Dreamscape organized the event in the past and would sometimes don her shark suit as part of the hijinks. A number of us got thinking of her yesterday then the shark suist just started appearing.

    Thanks for a great pic, Stiv! In the foreground is Evola Courtois. In the background is Uccello Poultry.

    The event continues through August 30th with the crowning of a new Miss Bay City. Read more about it at  http://poultryreport.blogspot.com/2014/08/hot-bay-city-nights-official.html

  2. Wowsers! I didn't think this post would show up until Friday. Well, start the comments and I'll look in when I can. Part of the idea of having Resident Guest Bloggers is to answer your questions (if we can) and keep a conversation rolling. Let me start off by mentioning a few things about the pix in my post. The Bay City Alliance and some really talented Linden Moles have a fun, all-ages hay maze for you to explore with some prizes when you get to the middle. Click the coffin often as it is a random prize giver with a total if nine gifts. A mesh-enabled viewer is best for when you visit. Many thanks to the Moles, Marianne McCann, and Pygar Bu for all the fun. The Bewitched Haunted Forest is the dark side of the fantasy region Enchanted and is a nicely spooky place to wander about or to carry on some role play. Well worth a visit with friends and fiends alike. So many businesses decorate for the holiday, but the Isle of Ewe is particularly festive. Temoren Drathman and Kerrie Miles have gone out of their way to show the lighter side of Halloween. Be sure to pet some Meeroos while you are there!

  3. Thank you for the bonuses, but you should note that some of the better creators are not Premium members and can often be found building in some of the better privately-owned but publicly accessible sandboxes throughout Our World. I can see myself using a Premium sandbox for when the children come play with thier spam cubes and particles, but likely I'll stick with the well-known standards.

    The idea of free goods is rather interesting. I don't hang out in the Forums like some do, prefering to spend my time exploring Our World rather than reading all the nattering, so I likely missed the public call for creators to contribute to the gift effort.

    There was a public all-call, wasn't there? This wasn't another effort where The Lab contacted favored creators individually? If it wasn't public for this run, I do hope that you adopt a fair and democratic means by which any creator can have thier work considered.

    Linden Homes was a brilliant idea and I greatly enjoyed the one that I had for some time before getting the urge to have a blank canvas again. Eventually I'll claim stake to another as it is a rather good value epecially as it was very enticing benefit to be a Premium member. I'd rather hope, however, that something more unique and valuable than sandboxes and freebies could be found. Perhaps higher-grade customer support. JIRAs and Live Chat have yet to be of any value to me and I've dropped two of my three premium memberships because the lack of customer service.

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