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  1. *update* 1500L to whoever helps me my sucesfully solve my problem.
  2. I did as Void Singer said with her giving me step by step instructions in game. I am still unable to change anything and am stuck in PG sims. Linden Labs has refused to answer my ticket. Any help would be apreciated! I do not want to lose $75 and 18 months of my time. Thankyou everyone who reads this!
  3. What is the exact directory I am looking for? I am currently in C:\Users\Saphue\AppData\Local\ Where do I go from there? Thank you for trying to help me btw
  4. I really do not mean to be rude, but did you even read my post? I did clear my cahce files in the appdata/local/secondlife folder and I have been age verified for a year so I know that my info work(ed).
  5. Hi, I have been in SL for about 550 days. Last night I was in an adult sim, my viewer crashed and when I logged back in I was able to view only PG content. I tired re-logging, re-starting my computer, uninstalling and re-installing SL viewer (after manually clearing the cache files) I even downloaded Phoenix Viewer and I could still not change my preference. It says I must be logged in to change my preference on what material I want to view. I am logged in when I see this message. I have also been age verified for well over 500 days. Please me help me out! Here is an image of the problem I am getting: http://filesmelt.com/dl/account_problems.jpg
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