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  1. Couldn't agree more! They gave lots of good info on whats going on, and why we are seeing issues with the service, all without spilling any coperate secrets. This just goes to show it is possible to tell people whats going wrong and what they are doing about it without harming the company in any way. This is a nice change from the old way of "dont talk to anyone about anything" stance that previously griped the Lab. Keep up the good communic communication lines!
  2. There is an entry in the GPU table for ATI GeForce. This is do to a old generic linux driver that reports as such. The issue is that *.ATI*. matches to part of "Coperation"
  3. The GPU table for both FS beta and the latest V3 already supports the Nvidia GT 75xM cards via (.*NVIDIA .*GT *75[0-9]M.*) . Please look at the logs from ony of the viewers for a line similer to: 2013-12-19T18:49:13Z INFO: newview/llfeaturemanager.cpp(468) : LLFeatureManager::parseGPUTable: Attempting to parse GPU table from E:\phoenixcode\phoenix-firestorm-lgpl\indra\newview\gpu_table.txt 2013-12-19T18:49:13Z INFO: newview/llfeaturemanager.cpp(598) : LLFeatureManager::parseGPUTable: GPU 'ATI Technologies Inc. AMD Radeon R9 200 Series' recognized as 'AMD Radeon R9 200 Series' This will be after the CPU detection and before the loading of shaders. The file is found in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\ViewerName\logs\ViewerName.log
  4. just a reminder then, not all routers support 1500, some are slightly less, like those with DSL or FIOS. On my FIOS connection which uses PPPoE, the max is 1492.
  5. If you were using our latest official release, it does not have the new HTTP texture fetch code that Monty Linden wrote, which may be why things take longer to appear. This was added to Firestorm after that release, and will be in the next official release. As for the increased draw distance 'hack', it is nothing more than modifying panel_preferences_graphics1.xml to increase the max value from 512 to 1024 for the draw distance slider, something anyone can do to any viewer at any time.
  6. why not use the already established IRC channel on Freenode, #openSL?
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