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  1. Although I do not often participate in the discussion forums I found this thread rather interesting. My building partner and I build gardens and some buildings; nothing that carries allot avatar impact such as hair, clothing, skins etcetera. However, we do offer no-fuss refunds on any product and for any reason. Once in while a garden or building is bought twice, I see it and immediately refund the customer assuming it’s an error. Occasionally I look at my transactions to see if it was sent to a friend as a gift, but for the most part I don’t bother and just refund them. I consider it a disservice to my customers to say, “No refunds, ever!” There are those little SL quirks that blows holes in the no-refund policy theory. Double purchase mistakes, SL crashes, “My cat hit my arm and I bought the wrong color, but I did purchase the right color so you know I’m not lying.” And of course my personal human error, which on occasion does happen. In the few years I have had a MP store, with no in world store I’ve never been asked for a refund, ever. Perhaps it’s because I answer my inquiries promptly, I will show anyone an item in world if they really must see it, and I most certainly reward those that take the time to review a product by sending them an item that coordinates with the one they purchased and reviewed. It costs me nothing to be generous to those that support my MP store, and it shows my sincere appreciation that they took the time to write an honest review. For what it’s worth; for the small amount of a refund, I’ve obtained a long term customer.
  2. I've had hundreds of items un-list themselves. They are all copy items which refutes the response in the LL post of no-copy items unlisted and sitting in unassociated. Everything I build is copy. I am not going to relist in the event they roll something back as it may disrupt the program. I suspect nothing is going to be resolved until Monday since it is a holiday weekend. How disconcerting it is to imagine the work ahead if this is not fixed internally. Sighs
  3. I can't find a phone number to contact Linden Labs about this issue. The only numbers I can find are for billing issues.
  4. Thank you for your posts. I as well cannot fix the issue due to the items are and have been completely deleted from my folders. As a result, I cannot relist then un-list the items. I went through every page of my MP Store and made a list of 30 plus items that are listed on my MP store pages but are un-available and when clicked returns the customer to the MP start page. Hence, my store looks a mess, wrong pictures, incorrect prices, deleted products that are listed and so on…
  5. Recently deleted items that are no longer available have shown up as a listed item on my MP store pages. The items do not show up in Listed/Non-Listed/Associated or Non-Associated so I cannot removed them from the MP store pages. This is causing a confusing set of circumstances as when clicked on they are non-deliverable. Please advise.
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