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  1. Although I do not often participate in the discussion forums I found this thread rather interesting. My building partner and I build gardens and some buildings; nothing that carries allot avatar impact such as hair, clothing, skins etcetera. However, we do offer no-fuss refunds on any product and for any reason. Once in while a garden or building is bought twice, I see it and immediately refund the customer assuming it’s an error. Occasionally I look at my transactions to see if it was sent to a friend as a gift, but for the most part I don’t bother and just refund them. I consider
  2. I've had hundreds of items un-list themselves. They are all copy items which refutes the response in the LL post of no-copy items unlisted and sitting in unassociated. Everything I build is copy. I am not going to relist in the event they roll something back as it may disrupt the program. I suspect nothing is going to be resolved until Monday since it is a holiday weekend. How disconcerting it is to imagine the work ahead if this is not fixed internally. Sighs
  3. I can't find a phone number to contact Linden Labs about this issue. The only numbers I can find are for billing issues.
  4. Thank you for your posts. I as well cannot fix the issue due to the items are and have been completely deleted from my folders. As a result, I cannot relist then un-list the items. I went through every page of my MP Store and made a list of 30 plus items that are listed on my MP store pages but are un-available and when clicked returns the customer to the MP start page. Hence, my store looks a mess, wrong pictures, incorrect prices, deleted products that are listed and so on…
  5. Recently deleted items that are no longer available have shown up as a listed item on my MP store pages. The items do not show up in Listed/Non-Listed/Associated or Non-Associated so I cannot removed them from the MP store pages. This is causing a confusing set of circumstances as when clicked on they are non-deliverable. Please advise.
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