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  1. I have an ATI graphics card as well but the majority of programs and games I am on deal with ATI better than Second Life. My computer just works better with one. I wish the cards would just work with SL
  2. I usually use the BETA version of SL, but with the 3.2.4 I was constantly crashing. I was dreading when it came to the regular viewer.. but my textures were going black without updating and so I updated... *smh* I should have stuck with the black textures.. I have random screen tears and stretched pixels from whatever I'm wearing.. for example my hair sculpties and textures randomly fill up the screen once in a while. It's driving me batty. But on the beta I'm still randomly freezing and crashing. I have an ATI card.. as far as I remember SL and ATI never got along. This is seriously upsetting me. I went back to the regular viewer because I do photography and things were messed up with the new snapshot area and now EVERYTHING seems to be messed up for me. I also have over 1million in memory, so it's not just you. 3rd party viewers do the same thing to me so that's why I didn't use them.
  3. I've finally got buttons back.. but still crash tastic WOO! -.- lol
  4. I wasn't really happy with the new UI, but I quickly got used to it. I had everything arranged and now.. now everything is gone. No buttons at the bottom or side. When I close out of it, SLvoice doesn't close at all (I almost had a freaking heart attack because I started hearing a loud noisy bird coming through my headphones that was coming from SLvoice (I didn't know until I opened up task manager)) and I can't use the regular viewer because I'm always crashing on it.. so this is proving to be a fun day. Is anyone else having an issue with missing buttons in 3.2 beta??
  5. I am trying to add my paypal account. I live in the US, so that's not the problem. I also cannot delete my current payment info (my bank card). The page just shows the refreshing symbol and doesn't ever load the page. Is there a bug or what?
  6. Seriously? someone tagged me as a troll? that's pretty laughable. I have an idea who it was and that person needs to join the horde side of Tortheldrin on WoW and then see what real trolling is. I had a serious question and it's ludicrous that someone would even dare mention me as a troll. Excuse me for being concerned for my fellow photographers and designers on Deviant Art. Did not mean to reply to anything but my original thread.. I don't know why it replied to you Chelsea.
  7. I never said I wanted to make a claim for that person. Am I hard to understand or something? I think I've gotten my answers, however. Not from you but from someone else. Done with the thread, thanks for all the responses.
  8. I've actually been here from February 2006. I made a different name for store purposes. I'm very well aware of both the copyright / tos of both sites. I was simply asking if letting the original photographers/designer know how to file a DMCA on SL was the ONLY way to get anything done about this. ALSO, dA is much quicker to take care of copyright infringement than SL is, regardless of written form or not. dA has plenty of people that actually read electronic messages... be it email or an onsite message to a moderator.
  9. Technically, I didn't mention your mother. MY mom did. You're replying to her not me ^^
  10. I agree. If I want to look at someone else's art that wasn't created on second life I will either save it to my computer to look at or put it in my favorites if it's on dA.
  11. Thank you, koto. I will definitely look this group up and go back on an alt to the store in question. (I got booted for saying outloud about the stolen work to my mom who was standing beside me.. she got booted as well). I wasn't sure if reporting abuse to LL would actually work or not.
  12. I know a lot of the people that the pictures are from and they are NOT stock images and there is a plain to see 'DO NOT USE MY WORK' on most of their pages. I do not believe in the "if it's not yours than it's not yours to protect." many of these people do not play second life and it's complete bull that anyone even sees this problem in that way. If I have to tell every single person about the photo that got stolen then I will do that. I'm asking is there any way other than telling them how to file a DMCA to get this taken care of. It's disgusting.
  13. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I really need an answer to this. Every once in a while, I'll run into an art store full of stolen photos from photographers and designers, mainly on deviant art but also some celebrity photos among other things. Is there any real thing being done about this? How exactly do we report them? I've notified artists and photographers on deviant art on how they can file a problem but even THIS has to be in WRITTEN form and no other way. How do you report a store full of stolen art and get it shut down? Is this not as bad as stealing another users skins or clothing designs and selling it as your own?
  14. I'm just used to calling it a pie chart, I do use viewer 2. I always use the chart to remove clothing. But I did test by taking it off through the outfit in inventory and that works.. and that's just definitely annoying! LOL Because my outfits include hud and everything but I guess I can take 'all' off and just reattach some things Thanks for the help.
  15. I also just noticed that in my outfit area they clothes show attached but are not on my body, I guess this could be why they reappear, and the real problem is: Clothes not really taken off when selected from the pie chart?
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