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  1. Seriously? ... Seriously? .... You are spending time and resources on making a game on a framework and three dimensional architecture that is inherently fragmented and supremely limited and overpriced for independent builders and users? You didn't think maybe working on rolling out the forever hushed MegaSim may have been a better use of time and resources? We don't need another beginner's island. We don't need a cartoony place to draw in the children of the world. SL is not nor should it ever be a Game. You want games? Go play in IMVU, Everquest, or boot up a console. I can appreciate the tools that may come of dedicating time to making a "game" where residents can earn lindens but honestly, if you want everyone to have lindens and inflate the market and decrease the arbitrary currency exchange rate, then just give any account older than 30 days a weekly allowance like you do for premium members, just a smaller one. I saw this blog post and my mind could only stop and go.... Seriously? .... Seriously? On a more serious note, is Linden Labs or any major inworld presence making an effort to oppose the current SOPA and Protect IP bills which are presently being considered in the US Senate and would totally destroy SL altogether? If private internet censorship gets passed, then you can kiss SL buhbai, because all content is then subject to direct media discretion. Every DJ in SL could be guilty of a felony. Anyone making gestures from songs and movies, you are felons. Let's focus on the bigger pictures and stop trying to turn SL into a Game... Let's make SL the new standard for what the internet should be and make Virtual Reality a Real Reality. </rant>
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