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  1. How can i view my linden spent inworld more than 30 days ago ?
  2. thank you . How long does it usually take to show up on ones account?
  3. My group is a cost. so tonight i gave someone the money to join. I am the owner of the group, but i did not get any of the money i gave him and yes he did join no doubt. any answers ???
  4. The beautiful Sim Romantic Castles is now for sale. All buildings and raw files goes with the sim. Everything you see goes with the sim. Please come and have a look. Sim is Romantic Castles. The cost is $300.00 USD or 228.94 GBP. Tier is due in 10 days. This is beautiful sim and a must see!!! Contact redsummer Diamond if interested. If redsummer is not on line you may contact RooDee Dreamscape if you have any questions.
  5. please respond with a naote card i am very interested in buying your sim ,, thank you roodee dreamscape or dixy dreamscape
  6. READY TO BUY A FULL PRIM SIM ASAP. THE PRICE MUST BE RIGHT. READY TO BUY TODAY. Please contact RooDee Dreamscape please leave a notecard my im's are capped daily. ALSO CONTACT Dixy Dreamscape she has my RL phone number and is online much more than myself. thank you very much RooDee Dreamscape Dixy Dreamscape
  8. please know even if you buy a grandfathered in sim the cost is the same to keep it grandfathered. a one time fee of $600 usd through LL. please remember to count that in when u make offer on sim/regions
  9. I want to buy a full prim sim, at least 8 days left on tier due to having time to grandfather it in through LL. Will pay 200 usd and seller pays transfer fee's per uaual via LL. Please contact RooDee Dreamscape ( please leave note card im's get capped ) OR ... Dixy Dreamscape
  10. I sent you a notecard. PLease let me know if you're still interested in selling the sim thanks, RooDee Dreamscape or Dixy Dreamscape
  11. it doesn't mattered if they are grandfathered in, once sold it goes back to the 295 usd unless you pay 600 usd to LL to keep them grandfathered. I want to buy one for no more than 200usd and owner pay transfer fee per usual via LL please contact RooDee Dreamscape or Dixy Dreamscape please leave a notecard but u can also im , one of us is online daily.
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