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  1. I sold some $L and got some $US I was hoping the money would magically appear in my PayPal account but it didn't. How do I make that happen?
  2. I have "file" "merchant outbox does not appear in the drop down menu.
  3. I'm trying to follow these instructions: Second Life Tutorial - Direct Delivery EssentialsBut I don't have a "me" on my menu bar.
  4. Marianne McCann wrote: Rhonda Huntress wrote: I am just waiting on the weekend update from Marianne You mean... this one? Whew! G'mornin an G'evening, everybuggy! Well, spent the weekend mostly building the venue f'r next weekend, which looks like this: It's for a big "East meets West" mixer in Bay City. Should be fun! I did get some time with my siblings, though. We explored Barney's Bay, which has... A candy store! It also has... So what's not to love! Anyways, I hope everybuggy else's weekend is super. And I'm glad to actually see, y'know, folks posting in the thread(other th
  5. Keli Kyrie wrote: Maureen Boccaccio wrote: lol, Keli - or all that butter?? Butter? I could so totally do all that butter. You better keep it away from me it's a weakness of mine. :smileysurprised: I'm with you Keli. No such thing as too much butter as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Marianne McCann wrote: Hi everybuggy! Hope you had a super weekend! So lesee, I guess I c'n start at the end of the week. I hadda get a school project done, on Charlotte's Web. :-) Meanwhile, I'm also workin at the same time on a much bigger project: this building. Very happy with how its lookin' We've also been gettin Livingtree all ready f'r the spring, melting off the last of th' snow an makin way for new growth: Even found a new friend there! And speaking of new friends: I got one of the Japanese Relief Linden Bears, too. Actually, I got a couple, but here's me with th' huggable one.
  7. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: This thread is slipping down the page. Is that because I've been ignoring it? Yes! Thank goodness you've come to your senses and rescued us. I'm sure I speak for us all when I say Thank You!
  8. Torley Linden wrote: @Rhonda G'morn! I find I'm greatly unproductive when moved outside of my familiar environs. Even using another computer which isn't setup with my shortcuts and timesavers, and most people seem to be relatively lax about organizing their desktop. On a somewhat related note, I cracked up seeing business cat here. That feline boss reminds me of my own cuddly-wuddly, Mr. Sushi aka ONYX GUMDROP. He's a gangsta rappa cat. What a sweetheart! I'm such a sucker for cute, er I mean tough, kitties.
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