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  1. I for one is looking forward to it... but I hope and pray SL2 wont look so cartoony looking.. one of the things I really hated about SL is how bad the graphics are compared to other graphics used in some mmos.. NOTE.. before I get griefed here... How bad the graphics are COMPARED.. to some mmos... anyways just my uneducated, moronic, i am nothing but a low person of dirt opinion
  2. I am getting a time clock error when trying to log in to SL .. not SL problems.. I can log in to Beta .. and I can do anything else .. i have reinstalled different viewers.. my daylight savings time kicked in.. my other post was not answered but marked as it was.. this is a specific error message.. which i have read in knowledge base but none of that resolved anything.. and now i have to write a freaking book to get help.... Windows 7, worked 2 hours ago without this error message.. computer clock is working correcty... i can log in SL open beta with no issues...
  3. I logged in before the time changed no problem.. the minute i logged out.. tried to log back in (time changed on east coast) i get this error message.. i have switched viewers., no firewall, reset modem, turned computer off 20 times, twiddle my thumbs.. wiped monitor off.. logged in on Open beta.. but not secondlife world.. why? I can log into everything else i have in my computer.. Rift, WOW, google. various website on the net i choose not to mention.. Not sure why it wont let me update this.. but .. it gives me the Time clock error.. not a trouble logging in to SL error.. so no this is not answered...
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