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  1. As a side note, Inara's page hadn't originally opened. If it had, I would have known better than to ask the question in the first place, Inara has my entire confidence.
  2. I've not been Inworld for several weeks due to Tropical Cyclone Debbie hitting my hometown. That fact aside, the 2nd time I logged Inworld I was greeted by the following message "[18:21] Receiving messages to email will soon require a verified email address. Verify your email today to continue receiving IMs to email: https://modemworld.me/2017/01/28/important-verifying-your-e-mail-address-with-second-life/" Is this a legitimate message from Linden Lab ?
  3. Thank you VERY much Callum, that looks perfect to me. I'll see what eventuates. Eliza.
  4. Hi, hope this is the appropriate part of the Forum for this question. I need the following page in Spanish translation for a customer of mine. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Experiences-in-Second-Life/ta-p/2744686 If someone could direct me to an accurate link so I could assist him I'd be grateful. I've surfed around to no avail. Thanks in advance for your time. Eliza. W
  5. Fancy finding the answer here and by you !!! Issue solved and my lucky day. Thank you Innula.
  6. Just pleased the information was transparent and available to me. Would like to assume that for everyone. I have two process credits 'pending' though one was over the usual 5 working day time frame for completion. Volume of process credit amounts as well as frequency were citied as reasons contributing to the request for further documentation. Happy to say, I've furnished the information required being a Non US Resident to the satisfaction of Linden Labs who I can not fault in any manner both their expediency and knowledge assistance in areas I was uncertain of accurate reponse. I've just h
  7. I don't know what email account you use, however I can share the Linden Lab request for this information was delivered to my Gmail Inbox "Social" section and it's very lucky I in fact saw it at all. Linden Labs do initiate a Support Ticket as part of this process, so perhaps if in doubt check to see if you have an open ticket in Support History. To the best of my knowledge a halt is being placed temporarily on process credit requests until the details required by Linden Labs for each indiivual is reconciled. I'm also reliably informed they appreciate the potential stress this can cause and a
  8. Bravo Edi, another beautiful space.
  9. Thanks for the reply Orinoco.Damn shame they haven't adressed it,made for some real magic at times.
  10. I had a script I adored that let me stop texture movement animation scripts from distorting textures. This script has failed to work for over 12 months and I've desisted from creating pieces that require it. However I've designed a beautiful creation earlier today and it strongly needs the intervention of keeping the original texture scaling pristine. Anyone aware of anything current that can assist with this issue would be much appreciated. Eliza
  11. Ignore this post please. SIM ordered, issue solved
  12. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm looking to buy a Homestead and move my technical work & arts side off my Main SIM at Patron. Due to the obligation and transisition of taking on extra monthly tier I am TRYING to do so just for transfer & relocation fees. This is something I would really LIKE as opposed to 'needing' so I can afford to wait a bit. So if there is someone out there with a Homestead they'd be happy to see just go to a 'good home' as opposed to returning SIM entirely please contact me Inworld. Thanks in advance and wishing you all well. Eliza Wierwight
  13. ~laughs~ "no comment" BTW issue solved, reduced descriptive massively. Guess like anything else it's a science of sorts. I'll get there. Appreciate all the feedback though
  14. Mnnmmnhmmn it's starting to sink in and thank you also for your reply Ariel, I think my descriptives are too wordy to start with I might get them really short and start there before I trouble other Merchants time further. Again, my thanks.
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