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    Tiny Avatars in Maya

  2. elvis Woodget

    Baking in Maya (Turtle): Why do I crash when baking from a polygon?

    I dont know why you crash. For me it Works well in Maya 2008 with Turtle 4.5
  3. elvis Woodget

    Maya Skeleton Sizing Question

    you can setup it in the exporter options too then you must not change it in the workspace settings
  4. elvis Woodget

    Can't upload mesh now?

    same here...
  5. elvis Woodget

    Tiny Avatars in Maya

    Can anywhere teach me how to rig a Tiny Avatar in Maya ?
  6. then your Mesh is not right rigged. look at where it is attched, you will see it there
  7. elvis Woodget

    Problem with rigging pants

    you have to change the skin weights of the left and right Hip^^
  8. elvis Woodget

    (Maya) Do not weight mesh to certain joints?

    you has allways to bind the whole skeleton
  9. elvis Woodget

    Maya rigged mesh Upload Button invisible

    http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Exporting_a_mesh_from_Maya#Bones_and_rigging ---> "As of viewer Second Life 3.0.0, If you rig a piece of cloth lets say a jacket or a skirt, the "calculate weights" button disappears when you check "skin weights" if you don't at the smooth bind options window unchecked "remove unused influences"..."
  10. elvis Woodget

    Maya rigged mesh Upload Button invisible

  11. elvis Woodget

    Maya rigged mesh Upload Button invisible

    If i try to upload some rigged stuff, and check the Skin weight checkbox the Upload Button goes to invisible. Whats wrong there ?
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