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  1. First, let me thank everyone for their responses! It has greatly helped me. Second, What changes are coming? I feel like I should know before making my decision...thank you!
  2. Ok so, then how would I go about getting or "keeping an eye out" for new linden homes? As for the mainland, the price for the 1024 I have to cover myself but then second life waives the monthly fee thereafter? Just want to make sure I am reading this correct!
  3. Hello everyone! After years of being on second life, I am looking at becoming a premium member. I had a few questions about the land that is given to us. First let me ask about the land that is not mainland. They give us a house and so many prims and that is it. From my understanding the site says 512sqm and like 117 prims. I am now seeing where premiums are getting 1024sqm and like 175 prims. Is this accurate? Also, are we allowed to demo the house and place something we have that has less Land impact so we can get more prims? Or is the amount of prims we get regardless of the house? Second, I also saw on the webpage that we can upgrade our land to mainland plots and they waive the fee...since nothing is free, do I have to pay weekly/monthly for this land? Can I place my own house on it and how many prims are we allotted? I could not find any answers to these questions. Finally, can I put either of those 2 options on the search page if I decide to convert my linden home into a store? Thank you guys so much in advance!
  4. Okay, so I have not been on in a long time. Like, months/years (actively). One of my friends gave me lindens out of the blue randomly when I got on. Kinda acted a little weird around why she gave me it. It was only 1,000L. Dont get me wrong, I appreciated it and was happy. However, I always question things...I told my friend and she said Linden labs can ban you if someone gave you lindens they got through bad means...will I get banned if this is infact,"tainted money"??? Or am I just being too paranoid and just accept the gift?
  5. hidden Loon

    Gun script

    Bump. I am still in need of assistance.
  6. It seems my problem was as simple as the answer. Thank you everyone for your help! As for Yulyhigh that chat does not pertain to me and my store. It says "Casper Warden" and why that is here I am unsure. Thanks everyone!
  7. Hey everyone, I was looking for a mesh avatar on the marketplace where I was then prompted that I could not view adult content. Now I am verified and can view adult content in-world. I would like to be able to view the content under the adult tab but have no idea how to manage that setting.
  8. hidden Loon

    Gun script

  9. hidden Loon

    Gun script

    Hey everybody, I am looking for some gun scripts. If they have the basic ones that is fine (and very much appreciated) but I would really like to see if anyone has any of the gun scripts that lets people customize certain aspects of the gun (speed, type of bullet, lights on/off, sling/draw, etc.) via the blue notification window that pops up if you click the gun or say a command. If you happen to have one please let me know. You would be helping me immensely!
  10. I am currently looking to make all manner of weapons for any combat system or roleplay (or even if you need someone to be a business partner). I have some degree of knowledge on scripting but would rather just supply models. Pay can be discussed as we talk further about what you are looking for and such. I am also capable of making "spells" (although the previous roleplay I came from called them jutsus). I can show those in person. Some examples:
  11. I can do customs if you would like. Whether it be guns or swords. Just send me an IM and I can show you things I have been working on and if you would like any of those options.
  12. I am capable of making varying types of mesh swords and mesh guns. I am looking to find a place of employment that will either: A. Buy my models + textures full perm B. Give me a portion of the item being sold Either option would be discussed. If you would like to see examples please IM me in-world. Im username is hidden Loon. I am aware I could simply put them on the marketplace but I would also like to see what opportunities await me here. Thank you.
  13. I thought I had one of these scripts but what I am looking for is a script that, when a command is said, will make the owner of the script move back roughly 10m from original location.
  14. Is there not a command to make it rez on the nearest surface? Example: The meteor is rezzed and is falling from the sky, a guy flys under it and is 30m above the nearest surface/floor. When the Meteor hits said person, I would like the crater to then be able to spawn on the surface beneath the person it just hit. Or is this too far put of SL realm?
  15. Ok so I am making an object that will rez a meteor. The meteor will wall from the sky and then crash into a person/land/floor. When it makes contact, it will rez a crater... Now here is my question: Is there a way to make this: llRezObject("Object",llGetPos(),ZERO_VECTOR,llGetRot(),30); ALWAYS rez an object on the ground/floor rather than where ever the prim that will contain the script hits? I know you might have to do something with llGetPos BUT wouldnt those cords change with different things it hits? Thanks
  16. Hey guys, I have been trying to send some items to the marketplace through the merchant outbox and it keeps giving me an error: Transfer failed due to network error. Try again later. I tried yesterday and then today. Even tried one item at a time and nothing. Is it something on my end or is everyone having this issue?
  17. Thank you all for your great advice! I should have clarified the script some. The rotations were all the same as I was testing something and that test is what proved to me that I needed help because although they were all the same, they provided a different orientation to the object which, by my logic, I thought the eye wouldnt have rotated due to the same cords. As for the loop and auto start, I want it to constantly loop the rotation sequence for the object it will be in. Again thank you for all the advice and I shall try it all till it works! Thanks again folks!
  18. By no means am I the best scripter. In fact, I am trying to learn. I am trying to make a child prim rotate like a eye (random rotation). Well, on the script I get the random roation bit...however, when I place the <x,y,z> values in, it rotates in ways I did not want it to and I have no idea how to make it rotate the way I need it to. I cannot determine how it is getting its reference on how to rotate. So if anyone could possibly help me I would appreciate it. I will paste the script: list rotations=[ <188.5, 4.8, 85.45>, <188.5, 4.8, 85.45>, <188.5, 4.8, 85.45>, <188.5, 4.8, 85.45>, <188.5, 4.8, 85.45>, <188.5, 4.8, 85.45> ]; default{ state_entry(){ while(TRUE){ integer i=0; for(;i<llGetListLength(rotations);++i){ list this=llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(2,[ PRIM_ROT_LOCAL ]); rotation currRot=(rotation)llList2String(this,0); llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(2,[ PRIM_ROT_LOCAL,llEuler2Rot((vector)llList2String(rotations,i))*currRot ]); llSleep(3); } } } }
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