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  1. Its a known fact that as time goes by and new viewers and OS keep being developed, the worst it gets for Mac users to run Second Life, both with official LL viewer and with FS. Is there a reason for this discrimination? What does it take to fix that? Neither end cares the slightest bit about that. Maybe because Mac users are not a majority in SL, but let me remind you that if you check, Mac users tend to spend a lot more money. Besides, SL is losing people that give up struggling with techie issues for just a game. I'm sure there are enough nerd geniuses both in LL and in Apple to fix this issue without much drama. Maybe LL or FS should try harder. And maybe should share the issue with Apple and tweak what ever little tweaking need to be done. I have been in SL for 10 years, I started with a Mac, it run great back then. I have changed computers , I always have the latest. Sierra and the new viewers for Bento are a seriously not compatible. . 0+00688/+69-6*
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