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  1. Yes, I agree; it is very difficult to search for land sales at all, there are properties for sale everywhere and it seems to take months before someone notices a good deal. Unless you list land for 1L or less per meter and have a reality bot show up, snag the land and repost it for 10 times more; land is not selling fast enough. Without land, empty beautiful land, new avatars are not going to want to reside in the linden ghettos.

    This is about community, communication and fun; if you cannot find the people, interact with people and have fun doing it, people will find something else to spend their hard earn cash on. I contemplated buying more land to increase my gallery space but the signs I see do not give me hope for a long future left residing in my dream world.

    I first mourned the loss of SL and my avatars the day I was forced to use viewer 2, I literally cried and was emotionally affected from the loss of my creative world. Some issues regarding building such as prim drift not related to the viewer drive me nuts, .05 angles.

    Please be more open and honest with us, get creative and make SL the virtual world everyone wants to be a part of.

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