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  1. Glitch? If so, Please look into this! I took out two ads in Sub-category "Casual Dresses". This category is not shuffling the listings, so in order for any ads to be seen beyond the first three, it's dependent upon customers to "arrow" through to the end. Otherwise, the ads will never be seen - Mine included. The only other option would be to cancel, lose 999L to re-list in the Women's Dresses category. Forever stuck in this order:
  2. I agree. It IS a disaster every single day. I resorted to shopping on xstreet as a convenience. However, since LL switched to the *new* system of Marketplace, it's not only turned into this waiting game, delivery fails more often as well. The previous system wasn't broke. Deliveries were instantaneous... so I don't know WHY they needed to *fix* it. Every new *upgrade* LL makes only confuses the hell out of the residents and makes the game less desireable to play.
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