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  1. I'd recommend Jasper Cove ^^ Their website is here and the sim is here. There's a handful of members from the UK, but a lot of them are night owls so if you're looking for RP early in the AM, it might be empty(unless you're logging on early enough that peeps in the western hemisphere haven't gone to bed yet). It's one of the best good active RP sims I've been to, and it isn't exactly traditional fantasy medieval because players can come from pretty much any background. Mostly everyone is para-RPers though, and sometimes you might end up waiting like 10 mins for someone to write a super long post-- which doesn't bother me in the least, but I know some people (for reasons I can't comprehend) prefer 1-2 line RPing, so if that's your boat, you might not want to hop on ours. The website/blog aren't updated super often(though I think they're trying to work on that), and notices get sent kind of sparingly(as in, huge events don't even always get notices, but people do post in the IC chat regularly to get things started), so we actually have a lot more RP than it looks like. Except for in the morning, I can regularly just hop on sim and end up RPing for like 8 hours straight, going from one scene to the next, if I don't have to go do stuff irl or go to bed. Of course, the only way to find out if we're active during your time is to come visit =D So please do, the sim's absolutely beautiful. And the GMs are super helpful if you have any questions about the plot/rules/combat system, but the group's open admission so it's really easy to just jump in once you've read all the info.
  2. Useful quests would be nice. The current ones only seem to emphasize the repetive nature of the gameplay. At the very least, you could attempt to disguise the repetitive nature of the quest by... I don't know... a story that's more immersive than "I need you to help me because I make things and they blow up." Also, for the new user's sake-- You may want to add in a popup that explains to you that you cannot talk to the NPCs. When what's her face originally asked me for help-- I didn't realize I automatically got the quest. Instead, in local, I said "What do you need me to do?" and stood there for 5 minutes like an idiot waiting for some sort of response. Linden Realms has potential, but at the moment, it seems a bit underdeveloped and I don't know why it was decided to be released to the public yet. Also, this is SecondLife. There are other people in the world around you. It would be nice if your friends could do something to help you or you could trade crystals or whatever-- just add some sort of player-player interaction. Actually-- it'd be nice if you could respond to monsters with something besides running away. Continuing with the "this is SecondLife" train of thought. Perhaps instead of trading crystals in for L$1/50 crystals-- you could add a crafting functionality where players could discover crystal combinations and recieve some sort of LR themed item. I'm not saying that you need to make new stuff to give out-- at least not right away-- maybe the craftable items could just be things that are already in the LR sims, such as unscripted versions of crystals, those jars with the glowy things, little rock monsters that users could decorate their homes with. And um, the popup that tells you that you earned lindens is broken. I get a weird discolored box where I assume the amount of money I've earned is supposed to be.
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